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Location: Edge

Birthday: 07/16

Occupation: Barmaide and martial artist

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The Martial Artist In The Making

[This is mostly an cosplay/RP profile for Final Fantasy VII universe. So I mostly will be accepting friend requests if you cosplay an anime, manga or game character. Keep in mind I do change avi's to a certain fandom if I have enough gold, of course. xD. One more thing I will use different kind of items for my avi. Different from other Tifa avi's maybe? Who knowssss. .]

Introduced in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is the childhood friend of Cloud Strife, and owner of the 7th Heaven bar, as well as a member of the eco-terrorist organization AVALANCHE, who oppose the megacorporation Shinra and their use of Mako energy as a power source. She convinces Cloud to join the group to keep a closer eye on him after noticing his personality has changed, and she follows him in pursuit of the game's antagonist, Sephiroth. Unable to keep him from being manipulated by Sephiroth, she helps him recover after his mind becomes fractured, and they realise their mutual feelings for one another, working together to defeat Sephiroth.

In flashbacks, it is revealed that as children Tifa and Cloud had decided to follow a path to a mountain near their hometown of Nibelheim. However, they were both injured and Tifa was in a coma for a week, with her father holding Cloud responsible for the incident. Cloud eventually left to join Shinra's SOLDIER program in order to become stronger, but it is later revealed that he did it primarily to attract her attention. In response, she requested if she was ever in danger, he would return to save her. Years later, after Sephiroth destroyed the town of Nibelheim, Cloud rescued Tifa after she was wounded by Sephiroth. Surviving the incident, Tifa was taken to safety by her martial arts instructor Zangan, eventually arriving in Midgar and meeting AVALANCHE's leader, Barret Wallace. Upon recovering, she joined AVALANCHE so as to get revenge for the destruction of her home. She eventually encountered an incoherent Cloud at the city's train station, and convinced him to work for Barret, so as to keep him close and safe. This is the point at which the game begins.

& In C R I S I S ;

Which pretty much a younger Tifa and wearing a cow girl outfit. Being a tour guide for the great Sephiroth and such. Which one of the infantry men she did not know was Cloud. That was when she was attacked by Sephiroth. Coming back to her home town of Nibelheim, everything taken away from her. As everything was sent to flames. That was she screamed out that she hated Sephiroth, SOLDIER and all.

- A new T H R E A T ;

Life as a bar hostess & 7th heaven ;

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, set two years after the events of the game. In it, she tries to give emotional support to Cloud, urging him to come to terms with the unwarranted guilt he places upon himself. In addition, she takes care of Barret Wallace's adopted daughter Marlene and another child, Denzel. During the film, she fights against one of the antagonists, Loz, and later she helps battle the summoned creature Bahamut SIN.

birth name: Tifa Lockhart

nicknames: Tif, Teefah. Give me more?

DOB: May 3rd 1987.

Home: Nibelheim.

Age: 15 (Crisis Core), 20 (Final Fantasy VII), 22 (Advent Children), 23 (Dirge of Cerberus).

Afflictions: Avalanche.

Occupation: Bar hostess, AVALANCHE member.

Orientation: Straight

Martial Status: Single

Race: Human.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"/5'5

Blood type: B

Ultimate Limit Break: Final Heaven

Weapon: Knuckles

Ultimate Weapon: Premium Heart


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"No giving up!"

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