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Sunshine of the Knight

Hey you guys!!! My name is Kyle. Some of my friends call me Keej or just Kyle But you can call me Later

Something About My Real Life
• 22 years old
• Jan. 27, 1989
• I'm from the Philippines
• Filipino
• Height: 5'11"
• Weight: 87kgs
• Graduate Nurse. Soon to be a Registered Nurse and a Med Student

Personal Websites

Something About My Gaia Life
◘ I've joined Gaia last October 29, 2007 on my first account with the same name
◘ This is my 2nd and main account
◘ Not that active. I love my Iwon Clan guild. I love to debate. smile

♥ Random Comments
♥ Random Donations
♥ Friends
♥ Photography
♥ Mutts
♥ Reading Books/Novels
♥ Drawing
♥ Music
♥ Ice Cream (preferably coffee or choco flavored)
♥ Movies
♥ Good Literary Pieces

○ Random Friend Add (Try talking to me first. build relationships and such. and then you can add me.)
○ Random Private Message
○ Beggars (I've worked hard for my gold man. I will give donation only if i think you deserve it.)
○ Abusers
○ Noobs (yes i know we've all been through the noob stage. but come on! don't be such a bad noob. try to establish your avi through hard work.)
○ Mean and Greedy People
○ Cats!!!!!!!
○ Stupid people from the GD, the CB and the ED.
○ Ingrates!
○ Ungrateful people!! You could at least say THANKS!
○ Uncontrollable use of vulgar/obscene words!
○ People who gets irritated easily and people who irritates me.

Special Mentions
♠Demonika_Ghostwater - for everything. for the friendship. for everything
♠Tabyk - for the cloud you donated
♠Charishmahala - donated 10k for my staff of angels quest
♠Infinite Candy - donated 50k for my staff of angels quest 40k and Spear of Chaloc
♠Lucio Vizzini - Dark Halo and etc. heart
♠Advent04 - for buying my 4th gen. yemaya's pearl for 50k
♠Dreams To Come True - 25k random donation
♠Doom-Cookii3 - 25k random donation

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My Personal Lists

I will list here the people who donates good to me. Those who donate the minimum and the skippers.... I'm a generous person, but if you're not generous to me.... don't expect something good from me. KARMA man!!! KARMA


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Eva Rosa Report | 02/11/2012 11:53 am
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Eva Rosa Report | 12/10/2011 9:29 am
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Eva Rosa Report | 04/19/2011 10:28 pm
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Eva Rosa Report | 03/31/2011 7:13 pm
heart Hi! I love your avi and would like to invite you to the Mister Gaia Nations 2011 pageant which will start on April 4, I am the current Miss Gaia Nations 2011 from Puerto Rico. If you wish to compete, you should pick a country in the following link List of Countries and represent it throughout the pageant. There are 4 rounds: National costume, swimwear, formal wear, and the final question. In every round some delegates will be eliminated until only 7 remain in the final round. More than 100k in prizes will be awarded to the 7 finalists. If you wish to join, don’t forget to join the Pageant Trio Guild! Angel Akeus is the current titleholder representing Chile. If you have any doubts please contact Miss Brunei.
Eva Rosa Report | 02/12/2011 9:09 am
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Ellarino Report | 01/06/2011 7:56 am
Ahaha, sorry for the late reply. Was busy with school and all so neutral
Well life's fine. Having a blast actually...
Kaw musta ka na? biggrin
xavierkiath Report | 12/28/2010 3:51 am
cool avi
AB91 Report | 12/25/2010 6:49 am
Thank you very much! heart heart heart
AB - Gift Giving Paradise & A Thousand Dreams
Kajilenu Report | 12/25/2010 6:05 am
that doesn't apply in Taiwan xD
Kajilenu Report | 12/25/2010 6:03 am
Lol xDD well yeah hehe ^^|l|



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