Nobody knows me anymore..
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“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”

I am Nikkeh you can call me Nik or you can call me some names. my age? not to young, not to old. I'm a teen. C: I'm feminine slightly tomboyish for my actions. i'm a otaku and
i play mmorpgs and other games that caught my eye in a instant. C:
i can sometimes be ignorant and be so selfish but i'm nice and approachable, to be honest.

Likes that caught my eye. (and stomach LOL) yum_puddi
- Pocky.
- K-POP Super stars.
- Vocaloid.
- Pudding.
- Cute Innocent Stuffs.
- Pretty Nice Colors.
- and My Pretty Cute Bag.

Dislikes that didn't caught my eye, and hell.
- Bad People.
- Liars.
- Haters.
- Some Stupid People.

My Hobbies that I mostly do everyday. yum_puddi
- Write write write.
- Surf the Internet.
- Play Basketball.
- Eat.
- Sleep.
- Check my bag.
- Wash my clothes.
- Do something lazy.
- Watch TV. (Every 6:00 - 9:30PM Philippine Time)
- Do some crazy dance routines.
- Eh, watch educational TV shows with my Nephew.
And, That's all.

That's mostly all you need to know about me, I'm not a very presentable person. So, yeah. I don't accept your random friend requests if i don't know you. And please don't do it so. I will only ignore you if you add me randomly. Thank you for visiting my Profile. yum_puddi