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The Bible

You know when i was told i was gonna be naild on a cross i thought of me being nailed as in the good way by like a hot chick noo! two men grab me and start actualy nailing me to the cross and leave me their to die thanks alot ....

GENERAL:Hello people of gaia plainly and upfront my name is Ryan,I'm 16,live in Massachusetts and couldn't be happy i guess xD ummm apparently your on my profile with all my good stuff their should be a pic of me at the bottom don't stare to long at it i know its pretty hot but its ok you'll get through this xD

ME!!! biggrin
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This girl is the shizz razz
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Vanghart Report | 12/04/2020 10:21 am
Jesus I need you in my life!!!
ThatOneEpicAsian Report | 03/30/2014 1:45 pm
Have you seen the prices of ink?!?!?! eek
ThatOneEpicAsian Report | 03/28/2014 12:26 pm
Gotta get that gold though dramallama
-uFookMi- Report | 10/01/2012 6:20 pm
AYEEE BBY GURLL yum_puddi emotion_bigheart
s p h a l l o l a l i a n Report | 08/20/2012 1:55 pm
s p h a l l o l a l i a n
Butthole. You are no mas.
Piques Report | 08/15/2012 8:00 am
dear jesus.... *folds my hands at the bed and looks up at chu* emotion_kirakira
thank u for accepting the friendrequest.... ur such and angel... Amen *kisses cross and unfolds hands, goes back to sleep* emotion_zzz
ThatOneEpicAsian Report | 07/28/2012 7:49 pm
It's been a while dear friend o_O
XxNAve_Eats_YouxX Report | 07/21/2012 8:26 am
b***h Tits! Hello!
I'm just gonna comment on your profile before i wait months to go back on this! Good day sir!
s p h a l l o l a l i a n Report | 07/09/2012 1:20 pm
s p h a l l o l a l i a n
Aha your so sweet! But i'll try not to enjoy your compliments too much. I'm sure with you being bored and all your probably repeating those words (rephrasing them) hahaha But im not complaining! ~~ We should dress up as nuns and undress in public. Or walk on water.. You know, the usual.
s p h a l l o l a l i a n Report | 07/07/2012 10:02 pm
s p h a l l o l a l i a n
Good. Because you're going to hear from me a lot. Now you gotta suffer! AWE thanks for complimenting me You're so sweet!! I can't change for a while or i'll lose an item because it evolved
Anywho, hows bulky boy (you) doing?

My Father Is My Friend


im Jesus Christ
Goddess Elizabeth
love fury 5
s p h a l l o l a l i a n
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my negative verzion :D also one of my best friends in real life

she is one of my best friends who i stalk halfof the day and i wait for her to go online when im online :P

my top best friend no offence to any other i miss this guy so much he was a beast when we hanged out

my friend evan is awsome

this girl is the shizz

i will res-erect in rally i wount really be seen in anything else but that