yooo ! Wat It be ? ahahah; hiii My names Anna, orr Shaarkky[[[: ; My Age is 2464321354324 weell yu dontt gattta knowww,[but if yu wanna hit me upxD]uhhh.. Right now Im Attendin To DimmiitMiddleSchool; And a FRESH 8TH Gradderr8] As Yu Cannn see,User Image i am A breAckdAnnnceer and in a danceCrew; ahah ; yuup . iLove To dannce . its SorrTa like My lIfe. lmaoo ! weee Have Only 3 Meberss. im NoT the LeaDER[Second Leader] Im siNGLE. and Happy To bee ! soo Dont haalla at Me ThankYu. Im From Asia... in the KORRREEEAA REGGIIOON ! Lol. uhhh I think Thats Preeetyy Muchh It. bUT If yu Still wanna KNow Moreee... Just Sendd me A messege.

Aim: AnnaYang8D