Me :]

Hi. Hello.
Ima vegetarian
Im nice(most the time)
I talk a lot
I'm usually calm and mellow, but I get really hyper
I have lots of friends
I'm labled a 'hippie' biggrin
I love life
I hate sleeping, buts its needed I guess
I love kiwis
I love green tea
I love kittys
I love bob marley
I love and want dreadlocks( i have one right now biggrin )
I recycle, I love Earth
I don't give up on what I think is right
I love food. Whole food. Raw veggies and fruits :] yummm
I love dancing!!
I get along with just about every one, unless you're rude. :]
I'm NOT single. razz just sayin
I love farmers markets and festivals during the summer
I love traveling and want to go to Jamaica and Hawaii
I'm taking Japanese biggrin
I don't ignore people, even if I don't like them:] I'm too nice to do that

We only live once. Love every minute u can get.




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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/17


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Loyal_Rizz Report | 03/13/2010 7:17 am
I'm so sad sad


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Music: Bob Marley,
Edward Sharpe and
the Magnetic Zeros,
Sphongle, Sublime,
UB40, Habib Koite,
Clever J.
Hobbies: painting,
dancing, writing. biggrin