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Hellooo im Luisa(:
I'm Not Pretty,
I'm Not Perfect,
I'm ME<3.
&Im Tiny(:
as in Short for my age =/ ;D
& life is tough now, :/
eh i dont know what to say now;[

I Love:
Music, Singing/Dancing, Food, Love <3, Boys ;],
My Friends, Hanging out, Taking pictures, going to the mall,
my Family, Nice people, My phone[dont think i cant live without].
Thats bout it.
i Dislike:
them Preps[some],
Mean people, when the internet Don't Work/Slow,
& being bored so thats why Don't be scared &
Comment or Message me & Add me!
Heres my E-mail(: Luisaary.Rosales@live.com
& my number?!: 1-800-YOU-WISH.
ha ;] i may give it u if ur a really good friend

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