Well met, I am Illucescente Inferos, but call me Luce. Feel free to send me a PM ^^ I do - contrary to what it may seem - enjoy talking to new people from all over. I do a lot of writing... And I mean a lot. I write all sorts of things... Mostly lyrics and fiction... A couple scripts... But yeah... If you want to read some of it, shoot me a PM. RP is one of my passions also, whether it is one on one, or an intense multi-player story. You will probably find me in the RP forums, if anywhere.

Anyways, I hope to see you around. Remember, my door is always open to chat.


[NEW STORY: A Never-Ending Tunnel ~ Short Story Trilogy. Part I of III is up in the Original Stories/Prose thread! Comments and Critiques ENCOURAGED and APPRECIATED]


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Scriptorum Illucescente

Scriptorum Illucescente

Scripta Illucescente, lapsorum ac frangitur.


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"Well hello there, darlin'"

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"Thank you deary. I'm enjoying it as well."


Quid est autem benedictio alicuius daemonis maledictum?
Ego lux in tenebris, lux inferni.
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