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KuraiHanyouKistune Report | 02/28/2010 4:07 am
Happy Birthday!! ^^
Regarding The Zombies Report | 02/28/2010 12:31 am
Regarding The Zombies
♣ ♥ ♦ ♠

Happy Birthday

♣ ♥
♦ ♠
XxelaraxX Report | 01/06/2010 7:09 am
btw nicw avi u have=]
XxelaraxX Report | 01/06/2010 7:08 am
Ooo, neat!

Uhm... I would rename XxdaraxX... Elegant Nightwalker!

Why? Because your avatar seems to be focused around darkness, which is associated with the night. And with the interesting face piece, it seems as though there's a touch of high-class going on. So, elegant is a very nice title to give to something high class. Thus, the name Elegant Nightwalker. xD

Hope you like it! ---------------u post it on nov.5 2009 i thnk ,, ??

thank u so much like it=]

AlmightyBlueCrayon Report | 12/19/2009 3:21 pm
It's all good. I understand that people get busy. :3
Willa-Wisp Report | 11/29/2009 5:24 pm
Hi and welcome to The Dragons Keep guild!

Please read the two announcements in the main forum - "Welcome to the Keep - an informational post" and "Rules of the Dragons Keep." We are a friendly guild but we do have rules we ask our members to follow.

If you have Dragon Cave eggs and/or hatchlings, post them and your scroll link in the Incubator/Infirmary thread in the main forum. If you don't know how to do this, let me know.

Check your Cave account settings and make sure it's set to ACCEPT AID so we can help your babies grow to healthy adults. If you don't know how to do this, let me know.

Also be aware if you acquire new eggs and/or hatchlings (or abandon/give away any of them), it is your responsibility to post them in the Incubator thread.

We will check any eggs and hatchlings in the Incubator daily to see if any are below the 4 day counter. If so, they will be placed in the Infirmary and walked to help get them the needed clicks/views to mature them.

If you have other adoptables, there are many subforums for them as well.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Keep! And again, welcome! biggrin
TheVampireLucinda Report | 11/24/2009 2:20 pm
Your avi is really cool...If I were to rate it (not that you care, lol), I'd definitely give it a 5/5. heart
c l e r ii x3 Report | 11/20/2009 2:38 am
c l e r ii x3
    User Image

hateNice avi! 3nodding
AlmightyBlueCrayon Report | 11/15/2009 2:06 pm
Oh. Wow. xD
AlmightyBlueCrayon Report | 11/15/2009 2:03 pm
Where'd the fae items come from? o.0


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