Ayyye !! Nigguh
Well , my name is NOT Selina !! My name is ACTUALLY Vy . Weird name . Don't hate on it . LOL . I suck I know . Further more , my day is the day right after New Year . WOW .For you people out there that's my birthday . AHA . Anyways this is getting every retarded so..the rest if you want to read more is some other random-booty things things about me . You can stop now if you want to , but go on if you like !!

SOO , You continued..

I pretend I know one-million and one big words like : an and I . I don't like to curse . So I prevent myself from doing it . I love kid shows even though I'm older than 8 that means I'm not 9 or 10 . Also don't be tripping about my age aight . I guess I really annoy many people . GENERALLY , I spend my time as an asian and a clueless girl .


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