lets see what should i tell all the fine people on gaia aboot myself...

X with a man i love very much 4laugh
X 22 years old
X no longer employed
X no longer living at home
X an artist
X Avid lover of most things vamp
X a little monster
X obsessive player of Sims 2
X i also make little bittys for Sims
X spend a lot of time in CallOfDuty (davidcopafeel21@xboxlive) emotion_brofist
X am not a twi-hard or a pott-head
X Pretty much all my main likes and whatnot are splashed over my page and tumblr, so if you fancy anyting i do why not chat me up biggrin

i'm kind of a noob to gaia although i have had one for a while...

♥ ♥ ♥

linx for more on meh


I have art on Deviantart.com too though i haven't gotten on in forever....
one of my usernames is = helloXkittyXisXdead