I created this profile in 2003 when I was an awkward, overweight, anime-loving 12-13 year old. I was a little anxious, a little depressed, and didn't see things getting better any time soon. I remember having made some friends on here, but have lost touch with most of them.

I stopped using Gaia consistently in 2006 or 2007, when I started to develop more of a social life in High School. I've still logged in once in a while since then, but I haven't posted a whole lot.

Over the years I've completed a Bachelor of Arts in French Language, and a Bachelor of Education, specializing in teaching French Immersion. Having battled with anxiety, I decided not to pursue a career in teaching, as I didn't feel I would be "fully there" for my students. So now I work a permanent F/T job with the Federal Government, where I get to use my French language skills.

I spent most of my university years drinking and partying all the time, and my post-university years getting into the rave/EDM scene. With that in mind I feel like I've done alright, and am starting to wind things down now...

I still like anime, but don't watch it as much as I don't make much time for it. I'm married and pretty lucky that my wife puts up with me haha. I have an alright social life, with some good friends. I'm always up for a good chat, send me a message if you'd like to talk about most anything. If I begin to log in more hopefully we can get a good convo going.