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Last Login: 04/27/2011 2:46 pm

Registered: 02/10/2005

Gender: Female

Location: That town, that street.

Birthday: 03/30/1992

Occupation: I'm a dirty scrubber.

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yo dawg.

"My thoughts are less of fitting in, and more of being a better man."

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i'll see you guys later.

the way you're singing in your sleep,
the way you look before you leap,
the strange illusions that you keep,
you don't know,
but i'm noticing.


kye now comes with facebook.


andrew is my bff&e. n___n
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i am not here.


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The Bottom Report | 04/07/2012 5:42 pm
The Bottom
Hey! smile
Tute Sweet Report | 04/24/2010 9:29 am
Tute Sweet
Thank you very much!
It's one of my favourite hair accessories ever. smile
The Bottom Report | 04/11/2010 9:50 am
The Bottom
O hay
Nerdoid Report | 03/29/2010 10:13 am
if i was still in hong kong, but i'm in england now, it would be your birthday, so happy birthday!
I Yume I Report | 03/29/2010 9:33 am
I Yume I
Also I know it's tomorrow but I'll forget. adklasdgdg
And I haven't seen you on in so long. I miss youuu
I Yume I Report | 03/29/2010 9:33 am
I Yume I
Happy birthday~
spacetacular Report | 12/09/2009 10:32 pm
hi do you remember me
XxXangel_starXxX Report | 10/21/2009 3:44 pm
awwwweee you have such a cute picture <3
Obsidian Froth Report | 08/24/2009 7:04 am
Obsidian Froth
Didn't you like art and asian things? Or am I only thinking of myself?
Maybe you could be a piercer/tattoo artist :] I would hate for you to work at McDonalds for the rest of your life. Or whatever you have there in the U.K.
Omg you remember?
No, I want to be a GERMAN/english/Japanese person biggrin And an artist. And I want to sing/lyricism....
too much I want to do, I have to figure out what are going to be the majors and the minor.

It's in my right ear, and he told me it would bleed, and it did, but barely at all, it just pooled a little in the curves of my ear. Not down my shirt!
You must have very good blood flow, I have poor circulation. I think that's why.
Aw, haha, I've only gone once, so I haven't made any friends yet.

I swore you were older than me by at least a year. What month is your birthday?

Exactly. The lobe can bleed, like mine did when I FAILED trying it myself lol. But there's barely any, like when I got my first two done with a gun at the mall (I was young...), it was just a pinch.
I'm surprised it hurt you that bad! I must have a higer tolerance...? I mean I like it, so...
you poor thing lol. It's worth it though, I think I'm going to get my friends to do tragus, cause I know my mom won't let me and I can't do it myself.

I've had my cards read, own a tarot deck, and my mom and I have been looking into palm reading XD So yes I belive it can be done for fun or in a time of need haha.
You're right about that, and I think about that with my back piece that I want, but, honestly...who cares? The idea of leaving myself undecorated just because it might sag does not appeal to me. Even if you have a long life. People alwayssay you'll regret it, but, and I hate to be this optimistic because it makes me nauseas, you only get one life/body.
I've yet to wear a sexy dress or anything. But yes, I love my shape! I'd hate to look like a 12 year old asian boy.

Yeah, there's time to think. And I can't decide for you obviously. A nose stud is so small though, it's not like you decided you no longer want a third eye or something ridiciuluos XD

Hell yeah he's gorgeous. Definitly an example of ink/labret done right.

I was thinking to ymself for a bit about the "erotic" piercings like n****e and hood and stuff XD I think the former is kinda trashy if seen through a shirt, but there's still something sexy about it. And needles near my vag interest/terrify me at the same time. Lol I'm kind of messed up.
But...but you're an E you said. Do you equate bigger with better? Cause I don't,'re a ******** E. And he's a guy.

You're very welcome. You do have a very cute, beautiful face. Which is why, like I said, to be careful with facial ones. I have a friend who my mother very bluntly told me "she destroyed her face" cause she's so naturally pretty.

I know XP I feel so dumb too. I don't think of bone when I think peircing though, I think that's why I was drawing a blank.

Ugh emo. That would turn me off too. So glad i'm over that phase of clothing and have broadened a little.
I still need a shrink though XD
AH! Why did you even tell me that, I feel stupid. I wasted my time on a nice gesture! Curses!'re 3 inches shorter than me.
Perfect body? lol. I'm not toned or anything. Most of my pants are size 5 (some 7's) in U.S. sizes. Well I feel the same as you, you can see my hip bones a little (less, I use to have a an eating disorder) but not my ribs.
Uh...I feel like a whore, but I'll just show you pictures. This is first thing in the morning so I'm in my PJ's (which means I won't lift my shirt any higher cause no bra. Woo A's. *eyerolll* plus I haven't eaten yet, so I'm skinnier in the morning. Sounds dumb but I eat a lot, and then like...wake up thin again.

I actually look really thin here @-@
Obsidian Froth Report | 08/20/2009 6:41 am
Obsidian Froth
Well that's kind of sad. You have no idea what you want to do?
You don't want to be a bum. That won't accomplish/pay for anything. :[

Lol Well anyone whol ikes piercings is probably a friend of mine. Very odd that we would want the same thing, though. I want others besides though, but still.
Of course it hurts. It goes through like your entire ear. The thickes part. But I don't mind that, my body reacts on its own but I dont mind.
Haha I actualyl got my cartilage done yesterday instead of today, and when the guy did it he didn't warn me and just pushed it through. I felt liek my own body was vibrating and tensing up, but maybe it was just the hot feeling. You know what I'm talknig about cause yours is done, the pinch and then heat. Then I started laughing...
When I told my mom she was like, "so you were shaking with joy because a tatooed man pushed a needle through your ear?" lol pretty much mom. I think she caught on that I'm a bit of a masochist :X

That's worse. You monster. But you made up for it by cooking...which I didn't do.
I could never make my mom cry about something like that. She's too strong willed.
You're 18 now right? Or 19?

I didn't numb mine at all...there are like no pain receptors in the lobe so I didn't was the pin agony? Wow, I did mine slowly and incorectly and it still didn't hurt too much...
Yes, the first time, I realized they were too big. So the second time I tried I used a sewing needle whos gauge was probably equal to 16 (standard piercing size is like 24-20) and I still couldn't get s**t it! It went through about halfway, but I couldn't get it out the other side. I know I pierced it at an angle which was probably the problem. If I try again I'll have to go quick instead of slowly. I just liek doing it slow...then letting go and letting it hang halfway out your ear haha.

You definitly should consider the side tattoo. It's very feminine, cause it'll go with the shape of your body. I have an hourglass shape which is why I want it on my back to highlight that. Even though the koi is done a lot, if you pick unique colors or items to go with it then it should work. And if it turns out not very unique...well then it's still sexy.

Why would you look bad? I think because you have a heart shaped, kind of baby chub face, you would look bombin with a nose stud and dimple piercings.
I know what you mean....have you ever seen this picture?

I have a thing for n****e barbells too...haha. It draws you to the lips, and I have nice ones which is why I'm condsidering it...but now I think I'll only get the double nostril. Is there a name for that?
But because you have a very cute face it's also hard to say "ok fill it up with metal." We're both vary wary lol. You can always draw on where you think you want one with a marker or still an earring in your lip etc. to see what it would look like.

I just figured out it's called a sternum piercing. God I'm dumb. But yah, of course you have to be aware that they're going to reject and scar.
At least it would be under my shirt most of the time, not like an anti eyebrow or clavicle where the car would be very visible.
You're a ******** E?! What the hell! Why did I get ripped off! Are you chubby...? I know that's a horrble thing to ask, but I'm about 168 cm and 56 kg (lol I had to convert from inches/pounds. You understand?)
Wow I feel like s**t now. But yah you're right, if you got that it would get squished lol.


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