Hey guys.

So you've stumbled upon my profile under curiousity?
You should take a moment to know about who I am (I promise I do not think you are weird for reading AND you should not feel weird reading)

Alright let's begin


I was born in Sacramento, California, on March 6th 1997

I currently live in California, unfortunately not in Sacramento (or somewhere cool in general) I live in a shitty place of California called Fortuna, in Humboldt County. (Humboldt is northern California, buy Eureka which you can see on a map.)

Humboldt is known for it's amazing soil, and the weather perfect to grow crops. We have Redwood trees that are so tall they touch the clouds and they grow just about nowhere else in the entire world. (FUN FACT: Humboldt is actually apart of Fallout 4.)

Here's the shitty part of Humboldt County...
The soil is so great, that every low income/welfare person comes here to grow and sell weed to make a living. (Everyone here is a ******** stoner ;o _o) Everyone here (in specific areas, not in general) also does a lot of meth and LSD. Also, people who live in Fortuna are almost ALL SWAGFAGS AND SCEENIE WEENIES. The weather is only good for plants not people, it rains and is cloudy all the time.

Besides that, it's a safe place where you can meet some really cool people. Regardless I am still happy I grew up here and not somewhere that I don't feel safe to walk on the streets or am going to get shot at.

Anyways back to me...

My name is Justin Basquez (My nickname is Squeezy)
I am a musician and I play lots of different instruments! (Bari Sax, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Baritone, Euphonium, Melodica, Piano, etc.)
I also make music using Fl Studio 10 for fun.
My favorite bands are Linkin Park, The Fray, Snow Patrol, James Morrison, Imagine Dragons, and Kid Cudi.

I am a total nerdy geeky nerd to the extreme (Heehee ;^ -^)
Video games I am into: Elder Scrolls, PSO, Diablo 1&2 (3 is ******** dumb), Fallout, Pokemon, N64 games (Legend of Zelda OOT, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, GOD DAMN I EVEN LIKE TO PLAY GAUNTLET ON IT.) and Assassin's Creed 1.
Video games I play for some unknown reason: Call of Duty, Minecraft, Terraria, Forza Motorsport 4, Saints Row the Third, Assassin's Creed 3 (STRICTLY MULTIPLAYER) and the list goes on...

ANY VIDEO GAME CONVERSATION (That isn't Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, and Tomb Raider) I WILL UNDERSTAND.

Computer wise... I know just about everything. (Except programming & Hacking)
I am an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) for Photoshop CS5.5, I can also build websites using Adobe DreamWeaver and make animations using Adobe Flash; I know how to fix computers, best ways to protect from viruses/kill viruses, I know how to use music software such as Traktor 3, FL Studio, and Propeller Head Reason, etc.

Besides liking video games, computer, and music...
Uhhh.... lol.

I really like to talk to people and be social.
Some people say I'm funny, a great real friend, someone who is intellectual, you know that kind of stuff.
Others say I'm annoying, ******** retarded, etc. (I don't think I am anyway . _.)

Meet me and make your own decision!

PM if you really want to get to know me!

Thanks for reading I love you for doing so


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Thats me ^

Wanna see more of me?
I'll even say your name if you want
Check me out at....

Youtube channel = Click here for my Youtube


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