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愛のハートビートモメンタリ . . .

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n a m e: Colleen, but call me Iko or Koriin
I was known as Fruits_basket_twin, until June 30, 2010. My friends call(ed) me FB, you can use that too. x3

a g e: 18
n a t i o n a l i t y: Canadian
h e i g h t: 5' 4½"
s t a t u s: Busy. I'm always busy. > n o

l i k e s <3: Turtles, rain, video games, manga / anime / Jdorama, novels, music, art, adorable things, literacy, friends, science, colours, random, cooking, nachos, cheesecake, earrings, cherry blossoms, crochet, Mac, my identical twin sister (Megumi_12). I love my boyfriend (Shinzou_Sims). ❤

o b s e s s i o n s: InuYasha (A Feudal Fairytale)
犬夜叉 and InuYasha: The Final Act
.............................User Image User Image

d i s l i k e s </3: Arachnids, Illiteracy when I know grammar is possible, rudeness, reckless drivers, exams, P.E., messes, politics, having curly hair.

✄- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I n f o r m a t i o n:
✄- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I am a chibi otaku! Well, not really but I am short and cute. ;3 Psshh... Anyway! I'm interesting, or I'd like to think so. I like who I am as a person, but have trouble describing myself to others--I've been told I'm sweet and sincere, honest and cute, and sometimes naive or ditzy. It's in my nature to be perfectionist, so I can be a little a**l-retentive about stupid things (like punctuation or typos). I love art, making my own or seeing others'. Speaking of which, I've been working on my first ever OC, the poké-gijinka Anemone (the unown). ❤ She might not be the best character, and I've never role played, but I like her and that's what counts~ I'm going to add more to my sketchbook when life gives me a break. xD;;
Hmmm. It's hard to wrap this up once I get going, but I'm going to before I bore everyone to death. x) Yes--I'm talkative, but I'm a conversationalist, it's what I do~ ;D

Forgive any random disappearances!

A d d i t i o n a l: I also have some dream avatars. C: If you want to draw them or help me achieve them, here they are!
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Total Estimate: 99,505,257 Gold

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Total Estimate: 36,556,825 Gold

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Total Estimate: 38,198,644 Gold, 13,000 Tickets

And here's a link to my corner of the market place in case you're looking...
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. . . M o m e n t a r y H E A R T B E A T o f l o v e

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For Lack of a Better Word

Rather than just have a waste of space... I'm going to put stuff here! Hurray! What you'll see here will be entirely random so bear with me~!


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Megumi_12 Report | 08/12/2012 1:06 pm
What's on your avi? It's all so cute!
And I need to redo my profile - help sometime?
Zoey_04 Report | 01/15/2012 4:39 pm
Happy late birthday!
Katara of the Shadows Report | 07/17/2011 9:43 pm
Katara of the Shadows
thanks for pickin me best in the bottle! (:
Eijirou Report | 07/17/2011 8:27 pm
I'm so glad things sound like they're going so well for you in lots of ways! C: How's Megu doing in Quebec?

I'm doing well, too, thanks! I'm a year out, but I'm trying to get an early-ish start on wedding plans, and we're throwing an engagement party next weekend, which we're madly cleaning the house for. Other than that, it's just the usual - work, social stuff, chores, that kind of thing. I try to draw when I have time, but I seem to have so little of that lately! Everything's good, though.
Eijirou Report | 07/11/2011 12:47 pm
Oof, two weeks. You can do it!

Ahaha, thanks. I think I spend too much of my time reading dense things (tons of medical/psychiatric stuff these days), so I'm usually worried about being overly technical or arcane. XD

I know what you mean. I have similar quirks that are sometimes a bit intrusive but non-crippling, so I understand. |D It drives Eijette totally crazy sometimes.

How's everything else going for you right now, besides the super busy stuff?
Eijirou Report | 07/09/2011 9:25 pm
Oof. Are you done with the class now? I hope you have some time to relax this summer.

It's okay - I know what you mean by OCD. Psychology's not an exact science anyway. ^^ I know it's debilitating for people who have serious symptoms, but people can have obsessive-compulsive traits all across the spectrum, and it's really not binary.

I'd love to see your cake later!

I've been doing well, just also super busy with various life things. smile Thanks for asking! See you in the thread.
Eijirou Report | 07/08/2011 7:15 pm
Iko! Haven't seen you around in ages! How've you been? c:

Yeah, there wasn't much they could do with it, but it was still nice that they let me keep it. I'll probably see if I can make something with it.

How are your rooms looking? Did you really paint those cherry blossoms like you wanted to?
Eijirou Report | 06/15/2011 7:56 pm
Nice! I guess it turned out well for you. The customer service has always been really nice to me, too. When I got merchandise with quality problems, they just sent me a new one and let me keep the slightly messed up one.
Eijirou Report | 06/14/2011 8:49 pm
Colors are funny that way. I've always wondered why colors had to be assigned to certain symbols or meanings.

What item is it that makes the kittens that you have on your avatar? I don't think I've seen those before. smile
Eijirou Report | 06/11/2011 1:39 pm
Thank you. c:

Sure! You should suggest it at the shop. smile

Did you know that pink used to be considered a boy's color and blue was for girls? Strange, but true! It's because red was seen as the more positive and energetic color, which they associated with men (sexism at work!), and pink is the pastel version of that. Weird, huh? I don't remember why they reversed it. Eijette reads all these gender studies books and tells me about these things.


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Magical Mender ❤

❝You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.❞[/color:d66a99dd94]

Formerly known as [b:d66a99dd94]Fruits_basket_twin[/b:d66a99dd94]. ❤[/size:d66a99dd94][/color:d66a99dd94][/align:d66a99dd94]


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