For creepers

Hiii I'm Kisa/Phatty/Olly/Whatever you want, I got so many nicknames I don't keep count.
My age is not of import, nor my location.
I'm a huge fan of certain fantastic TV shows/movies/actors, if you mention one of them I might jump you. With love. If you love any of them, we'll probably become instant friends.
I've got tons of pets and I love animals, movies, food, TV shows, food, books and cosplay. If any of those interest you feel free ta blab to me~ Unless you love 1D. If so, don't speak to me and go drill your ears and fill them with glue, you're not using them anyway.
I'm not mean, I'm just honest, so if you're uptight and fragile I wouldn't suggest any contact with me. Your innocence will be gone.
And with all this boringness done, on with your life ya bum~!