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Hullo there c:

Let's start with this. ;3
I will not tell you my age,
My name,
What I look like,
Where I live,
Or anything like that.
So do not ask.

I'm loud and I tend to make others mad pretty easily. >.<
I don't think it's me.
People just need to toughen up.
End of story.

I love someone. <33
But it's a secret, and I can't and won't tell you their name.
It's for me to know.
And you never to find out.

I am me. ;D
That's not going to change.
I've been through a lot,
I've struggled.
I'm proud of me and my life.
I love my family, as silly and hectic and crazy as we are,
And my friends mean the world to me.
Some of my friends overlap into my family.
I love it.

Kthx. c;

Well, Lookie Here :3

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"Let's do the Time Warp again!"

My Love <33

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They know who they are.
I love you! <3
I always have.
I always will.
You know you love me too.
Let's spend forever together.
Like vampires.
Not the gay kind that sparkle,
Real vampires.
We've been through a lot.
Nothing we couldn't handle together.
So, how's forever sound?
Pretty good, I hope.
Can't get better than you.
I love ya, babe.