Phew, hi there! um...I'm Aaron? 18 years old and graduating this spring! I just wrote all about me and I don't want to do it again! =O

If you want to learn more about me check out my myspace profile at http://www.myspace.com/otacon718

my interests are: anime (duh!), music (rock, jpop, jrock, eurorock, alternative, etc.), hunting, fishing, rock climbing, talking on the phone, studying psychology, doing therapy, etc.

I'm an otaku and an intelectual. I'm very open-minded and will try almost anything once, maybe even two or three times; it's often an acquired taste.

I hope we can be good friends! and than some~ ^n_n^


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Hey Aaron.. =P
Isei Lus Demorum

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Isei Lus Demorum

hey dude, just wanted to come by and thank you, since you got me addicted to torrents XD... now I'm a torrent whore. I'm actually thinking of buying a small server in the future and seed a little razz

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Hi! 4laugh
Z o k u R u m b a

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Z o k u R u m b a

Hello. I don't have my old screen name, milkycatlovely, my new one is L0w3rFr3ak@aol.com.


So how r u lately?

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hello smile
Beautiful Thugette

Report | 09/11/2006 9:43 pm

Beautiful Thugette

nice page :] heart
Cossette dAuvergne

Report | 06/28/2006 9:24 am

Cossette dAuvergne

Haven't seen you lately. What's up?
~ Tara <333

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Hi! ^^
*hugs you tightly*
User Image
~ Liz heart

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hi man...its been forever since i talked to ya...
ha ha...oh i feel like such a geek...
oh well xD

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um.. i wish i knew a kool story to tell all o you...

instead i'll tell you a dead baby joke!!!

There was once a lady who was pregnant...

she was , ya know....giving birth

so then the docter pulls the baby out and...

then he starts throwing the baby around the room and it keeps splating on the walls and on the groundand everywhere else the docter tries to aim 4.

the mother starts screaming !"what are you doing to my baby!"

the docter stops and starts laughing.."dont worry. im just messing with you! it was a miss carrage!"

yea i know.. you probubly think im sick now.. well... you would be correct! -twitch-

i'll drop by later to tell you another one!


My AIM: SonusAP
yahoomail: otaku71887@yahoo.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/otacon718
check out my new updated myspace! ^n_n^