About the mermaid you wish to know;;I was told i live in a fairy tale.
I came out of my mum on August 22,1993;;Ever since, I have been growing.
I'm as short as can be;;Doesn't matter if you laugh at me;;I'm fun sized.
19 years younger of age;;You can make fun of me;;I'll just laugh along with you.
I know I don't have the prettiest face;;nor the skinnies waist.
I know I'm a downright mess;;I've never had it 'all together'.
I know I've hurt many people in my life;;I do allot of stupid things.
I'll always make the same mistakes again & again & again.
But that's just me c:

Monkeys makes me smile;;I love to air guitar and lip sing to The Ready Set.
'Romeo and Juliet' has given me the reason to believe there's a Romeo or Juliet out there for all of us.
I'm better off not being sober. I'm much happier that way.
Je t'aime pour toujours.
I've learned that screaming is bad for your throut, but good therapy for your heart.
I text people sitting next to me c:
I have only 2 best friends: Snully (Jordan) & Latisha
Oliver Scott Sykes&Christopher Drew&Andrew Biersack are my idols.
My escape is my room;;Adventures are my absolute favorite.
I wish I could get the time of day;;Memories mean everything to me.
The ghosts are my past;;They over power me.

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