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name: Ikari No Tenshi

age: Imortal (Unknown, Don't ask he doesn't know either.)

race: Demon, Angel

Sex: Male

weapons: Sets of claws on both hands, A sword, A staff and his tail is used as a whip at times, also uses a kunai and various other weapons he has stashed everywhere.

magic: Manipulation of fire and shandows, the abuility to heal others and himsealf (Not usfull in a fight as there is no time to stop and heal) Telepathy, Teleportation, Lower lvles of mind control, capable of only controlling the weak minded and most animals, Mostly used for defense or entertainment.

special abilites: Transformation resulting in an exponential increas in power and speed, transformation has 4 levels

items awalys caried: His weapons and a gem around his neck containing his fathers remains and power though the power sealed away in the gem is unusable, Also known to carry sigarets and a few odds and ends.

description: Ikari is about 6"3' and looks to be about 180 pounds, he dresses in black with a cloak also black, his hood is always up covering Dark black hair not to much longer then a blade of grass, His eyes are dark red with black circles around the outside of them, His pands are longer then his legs so they scrundg up at his boots witch look to be military ishu TR boots, His shirt is some what see through allowing for air to keep him cool when outside, on his back are folded up wings that are new to Furhan do to his recently broken seal.

LVL 1 transform: As the Description describes him with only his basic weapons and normal demon speed and strangth.

LVL 2 transform: Skin becomes black absurbing his cloths his body becomes smaller and MUCH faster losing some power but making up for it in speed. his hair is no longer visible and his tail has dubbled in langth as well as the claws on his hands, the chains on his arms are still visible.

LVL 3 transform: Skin remains black but becomes some what armored with scales his tail agine dubling in langht his hair still not visible, horns are visible from his head his eyes glow red unlike normal dull red, claws on his hands disapear instead his nails become claws, Wings become 3 times as larg as befor, Wings now duble as a powerfull shield, Not as fast as form 2 but much stronger

LVL 4 transform: about 16 feet tall his tail reaching out streched at 8 feet incased in sharp scales with a razor like point his legs about 6 feet in diamiter with the same scales as his tail, his arms reached out to be 6 feet aswell and armored, his chest was coverd in a different type of armor almost the same as his wings, his right hand becams some what of a dragons claw as his left had stayed the same in its demonic form just biger, his wings streched out to be a full 24 feet long from tip to tip, his head became black his hair gone replaced with long horns his eyes black as his skin was, his fangs extended from his mouth even when closed