Im back!

Yep, yep. Back and ready for dat action. But now, I have to work on an avi again. B<

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oXMarioXo on 11/17/2021

Kaito Shion This box scrolls.
User Image

Biographical information

Developer Crypton Future Media
Distributor Crypton Future Media
Illustrator Takashi Kawasaki (Original2006)
Release date February 17, 2006
Status Unsupported for V3
Other names • カイト (katakana)
• かいと (hiragana)
• 海人 (chinese)
Origin Japan

Technical Information

Product series Vocaloid 1
Voice provider Naoto Fūga

Additional information

Gender Male
Character Item Ice cream
Product Code 27720
Reduced Number CRV2
JAN Code 4511820069543
Affiliation YAMAHA

Behind the Computer
Well hi there. I'm Kaivan. People call me Kaito-nii, Nii-san, Kaivan, KaiKai and many other names. I'm currently a Freshman in High school dont judge me -emo corner-Ice cream is a love. Family is a love. My wife is a double love. <3 I love her so much.

Curently Questing

Special thanks to Alice or better known as TousIed for helping me with my pro. heart

Musical Kisses is now my Pokemon as of 1/4/12 I AM HER TRAINER GO LUKACHU!

Avi Art



Profile History
12/28/11- New profile established
12/29/11- Added more avi art, fixed some bugs.
12/30/11- My wife DID NOT quit gaia. <3 Added cosplays.
1/1/12 - NEW YEARS DAY! YESSS. Fixed other stuff
1/7/12 - Updated cosplay things and dates.
Finished my main Kaito cosplay. NO ONE STEAL. >:C
6/8/12 - Summer~

Not really an active account anymore/
The original owner quit.
I'll be updating his cosplays for the sake of memories.
Please don't PM/send any messages to this!

Josh/Kaivan said: Thanks for the memories!