Oh my. I guess I drop my pen and greet you shall I?

My name's iJustDo and I am currently a writer on FanFiction.
Yes, I am iJustu on that as well if that what you want to know as well.

Oh well.

Onto the next subject.

I am currently on Gaia for, what? Three to four reasons? Here is the list of it.

Friends (If I have any that cares)

Yeps. That's about it, I guess. So I have a small bitty favor to ask from you... You all probably noticed the avatar just below this here, yes?

Well, currently I am on path for Autumn Wings. Then I will get cracking on my General. Yes, I am more like a role-player, but I am no longer avid one anymore.

I used to be one on IMVU and on here before, but that was before I met my favorite site, FanFiction. You can cuss it all you want, but I'm not going to be on every single f*cking day, not that I might do just that.

But still. No longer an avid role-player. But that doesn't means I won't role-play anymore, okay?

Interest: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Well.. That's about it about me here then.


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Human B Potion
Fierce Eyes Red
Girl's Rosier Blonde (Lite)
Disgrace of Hubris (Legs)
Smooth Criminal (Overcoat)
Heart Eye Patch
Virgil Rosenthal
Zephyr Tasset (Billowing Scarf)
Bloody Marionette (Shirt)
Hidden Ace (Ace of Club Wand (2))
Hidden Ace (Ace of Club Wing)
Takkun's Wild Side (Bracelets)
Silver Elven Armlet (right)
Silver Mystic Obsidian


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Report | 06/15/2013 7:00 pm


no i changed my name i did lose my fox x foe though
Blood Promise

Report | 06/03/2013 2:28 pm

Blood Promise

lol chu better home fry!!!!
Blood Promise

Report | 06/01/2013 10:29 pm

Blood Promise

Well i rarely have time for gaia so get on fb more!!! Lily Koli Cincinnati ohio!
Blood Promise

Report | 06/01/2013 1:13 am

Blood Promise

My captcha is no stinking badges..... LOL but no not really. Add me on fb. err skype either one both Lily Koli. Skype is lily.koli or lili de zhangyu (Lily the octopus o; )
Mr Creepy Stalker

Report | 05/30/2013 11:30 am

Mr Creepy Stalker

*stalk* *stalk* ninja
Blood Promise

Report | 05/29/2013 9:45 pm

Blood Promise

Lol ooook......i sorta kinda forgot who you are. XD its been a real long time apparently.

Report | 05/04/2012 6:53 am


I saw your comment on the featured avartar page about the song title. It's rolling in the deep by Adele.

Report | 04/26/2012 9:00 pm


ah no well I greeted you at 10pm already, so rather late xD;

Report | 04/25/2012 10:01 pm


i'm so sorry this is late, but happy birthdaaaay! emotion_bigheart
Blood Promise

Report | 04/24/2012 7:15 pm

Blood Promise

hunny i did pm you you didnt respond are you alright?


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