About hur.

xxxx Hello. <3 My name's Janii!. Well. Age ish unknown. xD Got a problem with that? xP And, my birthday is on January 26th. So Celebrate with me. > 3< Bring meh Gifts, ok? D: Im actually been in gaia for 2 years already. Sorta. I live in phillippines. :] Im actually Half Japanese. :3 I know how to speak. But i don't know how to write Japanese. :] Oh. And i love Music, black stuff, Japanese songs, Gaia , Anime and Manga. Lots ei? I also draw. <3 Well, im not that good enough. I use GIMP most of the time. :3 Well, still learning. Even though, i'm good at hand.Well, Im weird and crazy. But still, im generally a happy, friendly, random person. ;D And me ish not good at swimming. o 3o [Oh, why do i have to say that?] - 3- As much as i love phillippines, i love also Japan. Wish to go there. I don't have a chance lately. D; Well then, if you want to add my new account here's my username:: xMiyukiChan <3 o: Cool username huh?! xD Lol. xD Ok, thanks for reading. Kthnx Bai <3.