da namee iz christson buh peplz call meh yunq chris 4 short...niqqas im 5'0 im blaqk nd haitian... i qo hard...u cant catch mah swaqq...i play games a da time wif mah cuddieez nd i play sports with my biqq cuddie and i lykes to go ridinq partiies..yall dnt have to b up in mah buzz bout mah aqqe jush noe im old enuf.....i get bored suntiimez if yall get bored hit me upz on aim [ lilchris2468 ] smile i lyke musiq such az hip-hop nd rap nd ragge... i luv to play b-ball nd other suff lyke dat.....mah fav color is red and white and black and blue syht...im straight yall gay azz niggas betta noe dat ..nd that is all yall need to now about me smile if yall want sum more infomation bout meh yall are some mutha ******** stalkers xD....... sooo get on mutha ******** level niqqas

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