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Cosplay Bios:
Name: Maki Ikuro Kuritsu
Age: 13
Height: 152cm.
Weapon: Tsukiaka Scythe
Race: Level D vampire (former human)
Birthday: March 29
Fave food: Steaaaak.. =Q=
Fave subject: English Language Arts
Best at: 0-0;;; uhhh.... Listening! xD
Currently: At Cross Academy Night Class
Appearance: Long red hair with bright purple eyes
Maki was born from a teenage mother who left her on a side-walk when some boy rescued her. This boy's name was Yakimiru and that's who she grew up with. In her eyes he was her father figure. She always wondered what the crap happened to her mom and dad. Then she found out that she was left on a side-walk so she researched it, found her mom.. Decided she didn't care, if her mom wanted to leave her there is no point anyways. She left to go to Cross Academy where she would hopefully find people to make friends with. When she went she didn't really want to say she was a vampire.. So she didn't until she had a break down... She decided to tell the headmaster that she was... And she wanted help. He gave her blood tablet and she asked to transfer to the Night Class. And so she did.. =w=; She saw Zero Kiryuu pointing this gun at Maria Kurenai the first she saw him. She just stopped and stared through a bush for awhile =stalker?= When he turned around to go back she ran. She had developed a strange feeling towards him that she hadn't felt before. It wasn't the same as the feeling for Yakimiru or for her old friend. But soon she discovered there was another girl with the last name Kuritsu at her school. Yami Kuritsu. She asked her about her last name. Together they decided to research her past and found they were sisters. Now that is where Maki is. =w=; =SOOOO LOOOONG=
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Yuuki Cross/Kuran Bio:
Name: Yuuki Cross/Kuran
Age: 16-17
Height: 152 cm
Weapon: Artemis Scythe/Rod
Race: Pureblood vampire
Birthday: March 29
Fave Food: Ginger Pork Stir-fry
Fave subject: P.E.
Best at: Vaulting box
Currently: Living with Kaname
Yuuki was born a pureblood princess and had her memories erased by her mother Juuri Kuran, because she wanted to protect her from the evil Rido Kuran. During those 10 years of her life she met Zero Kiryuu who fell in love with her and she didn't realize. Headmaster Cross, Kaien, adopted Yuuki as his daughter to help Juuri in protecting her as a human. Later Yuuki goes insane and Kaname reawakens her and takes her with him back to their home. Currently she is staying in the Kuran residence. But Yuuki still yearns for Zero from time to time and wish es just to see him again, and feels bad because she is not right for him because she is a the vampire who Zero hates.