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- Smiles, Honey

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Ħello Яeader,
Ƭhe names Amy, I was born in 1996 of July. My nationality: Hmong. My Zodiac: Leo & Rat.

Ѧainly , I'm just a simple person who can careless of somethings .
I'm not perfect , you're not perfect , and we aren't perfect .
You'll live , I'll live , and we'll live so get it over with .
Not enough ? Let's cut you open and add some more sense in your body .

Ɯell, I've got to go. i've had enough introducing myself to you. If you like to know more of me...Δ∂∂ мɛ

Ƭнαиκ Ƴσʋ,
(Δ.Ƙ.Δ ιιƬɛαяƳσσн)