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ok hey its madison..............................
this here is ma dream so plz help out i need all the help i
can get(because i got banned). so plz ill do anything 4 u if u help me out ok,
so plz plz tell a friend anyone I NEED HELP!!

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my(ya dig)

ok so here is how it is..... i am a 15 year old fottball, soccer,basketball,and baseball playing jock. i like movies that have to deal wit gangs and or sport movies.
i be blowin out them candles every year on03-02.i am mexican(even though u cant see it)i am..and i hav the most caliente gurl(hur name is, well i cant tell u or i may hav to do more protect'n )!!oh ya did i tell u that i live in h-town texas,. ya be jelous.ok so thats preety much it. if u hav any more questions just message me.(ya dig)
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