s i m p l e e x p l a n a t i o n o f m y l i f e

Why, yes I do make avi art! Want one? Message me and we'll see ;]

I also make signs, for 3.5k just send me a trade and I'll make you one (not banners)


Listening to her iPod

Having random hyper outburts

Playing the piano

Singing while I work

Watching comedies

A lot more things


xXanimaloverXx - Let It Snow
Tenshi no Shizuka - 8 ramen, 3 Ubi Parasol,
1 Green Ink
(UnknownBenefactor) - 4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle
Lindseeh - Piggy Plushie
ACF13 - 50k
(UnknownBenefactor) - [Yes it did make my day smile ] Aqua Bubbles Tankini Top