Holy Jeesbutt ;O

Comment D;
my coments..o.o
Message ;3

Goal in life: To speak japenese fluently.
Im Alexsandra-15-Chicago. Im a Sophmore.
And i am a human so eventually i will die.
Since I have a vagiina, Im sure Im a girl.
T-rex and Domonita are my bff and I love them to death.
i gots other friends too and i love them and glad i met them ;]
My kitty is named Precious and shes evil and skinny <3
I draw wherever i please to.
I always have a song playing in my head.
Converse on my feet and braclets on my arm.
I own a cookie.
Ive never been to a concert.
My life is pretty normal. And pretty randomm.
I have a very large variety of music I listen to.
I take far too many pictures of myself and random stuff.
Im not racist. Im not gay. Im not a prude.
I completely love anime!!!
I'll eat alot especially if its icecream or pizza D;<
Im addicted to Coke.
You make my peepee hardd ;D
I am a baka x]

To omargoshers:

Do you care if i don't know what to say
Will you sleep tonight?
Will you think of me?
Is there someone out there, who feels just the same?
There is..


Maybe this will be us someday omar

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