Hello and welcome to my profile possible stalker. 3nodding

Name : Ask me yourself.

Age : Fourteen.

Gender : Female...Or am I? Just kidding, yes, i'm a female.

Orientation : Straight as a pole.

Nationality : Filipino / Spanish

Relationship status : Single. But I'm adopting a cat...if that counts. crying

Favorite color : Purple , Black , Red , Yellow and Blue.

Dislikes : Liars, arrogant people, 2-faced people , scammers , hackers , gold-diggers , beggars , attention whores, sluts , raisins.

Likes : Pretty much everything except the above, lol.

Hobbies : Gaming , writing stories, poems and songs, reading, stargazing , kart racing and listening to music.

Random stuffs :
- I absolutely love astronomy.
- I might be Asian, but I'm no good at Math. >:U
- I'll be mean to you if I need to.
- I play the piano and the drums.
- I like reading manga and watching anime.
- I'm short. NO, I won't give any specific height :c
- I don't get mad that much as I used to. I'll only get mad if someone messes with my friends.
- I sleep half of every day.
- I'm open to any genre of music. As long as it's good. Though sometimes I get songs that I don't like stuck in my head. Scumbag brain. -_-
- I have no label. >_>"
ALRIGHT THAT'S ALL THANKS FOR READING, cuz usually em betches don't read this. I love you if you reached this far. smile