Break My Soul.

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Just The Beginning.

Confidence is the ability to feel Beautiful without needing someone to tell you first, but smiling when someone does. <3

Hai. I'm Rain. I'm 14 . I'm Schizophrenic And Bipolar , My Bestfriend Died on June 25.. I Love Music. I'm A Nerd. I'm Not Pretty. i'm single, Looking,?no. I Have Night Mares Of Her Being Dead, And I Wake Up And Scream At Night Wanting It Not To Be True. But Guess What? It Is.We Will Be Together..Soon Alicefate..
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On my pillow, as I lay,Remembering you, on your birthday,I have sweet memories in my mind Sweet memories of you, one of a kind.Yes, I still see you standing there,Your bright brown eyes, your dark brown hair.Still teaching me the right from wrong,Still molding me, and making me strong!You have showed me, all the roads to take,Protected me, each day I'd wake.Yes, you, Dear Sister, were always there,You always knew, just how much I could bear.You taught me about Jesus,And what he could do,You encouraged me to trust Him,Let Him carry me through.So if sometimes, I might feel lost,I count the blessings and weigh the cost!The cost that Jesus Christ paid for me,The day he died on Calvary!One day, Yes! I will see you again,My Dear, Beloved Sister, My Special Friend,But if one day, I do I feel lonely,I can hear you say, ... "Trust Jesus Only!"

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