Rawr: Demonchild &Axel &LynTwinz
if yhu know what this means i totally love you
and if you dont i still luv chu <3

Err, hey..
hhhmmm... well i guess ive been MIA (mixing in apples wink ) for a while but i think (maybe) I am back?
Yup, Its a question.

If youre taking all your time reading this you are so Epic <3

My Favs:
Movie: this is really cheesy but i <3 titanic and a walk to remember... Oh and Braveheart... I Snotcried at all three of them.. They are that good =)

Music: I am in love with :
linkin park, never shout never, thre ready set, demi lovato , and cody simpson (tee hee ) ... I am missing so much =0

Umm, i may sound awkward at times but im really not. I am pretty bubbly and optimistic and if someone is in their "darkest days" ill do whatevs to make them smile because when you smile, i =)
=D that was lame - dont repeat that joke

Anyz, If you really want to know more just pm me or comment below...
-I as about to say suscribe in the yellow box but i realized this isnt youtube so =)

XoXO Forever and Always
iiMunchiez (I think i just made up a nick name for myself )