hello my dear, nice to meet you-
you shall call me Nat
or atleats call me MsHollywood..
i was born just 15 years ago
one January 6 of 1997
i recently entered High School ( and i want to die )
im a Videogame lover, mostly classics
Zelda OoT, MM , Spyro Riptos rage or Gateway to Glimmer i think its called
also the first three game of Silent Hill are not bad either
they just scared the carp out of me, Crassh Bandicoot, Mario 64
Rayman 64 and the one of the PS
best games ever (,:
i literaly DONT like to call myself an 'OTAKU' kinda persone...
but i do like anime, even though i enjoy more manga
and the only types i read and watch, are mostly Yaoi
if you dont like it just dont say anything
everybody haves their opinions so please respect mine (:
Soon ill put my fave 90 yaoi mangas so you can all read them!
and seiously manga is waaaaaay better than anime.
RitsuXTakano forever heart
i seriously hope i go to Japan one day before i die
and DakotaRose is my ******** angel!
i love her shes perfect, i seriously would turn lesbian for her(8
thats kinda way off there.. but i was joking
hurrhurr, well at least this is what i think, byebye.
i hate everybody (: