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Hi, Hi, HIIII!!!!!!!

My name is Becky, as you can see in my username. I'm flirty sometimes, not all the time lols. I love making friends and stuff.

1. Mess with me or my friends, you are sooo totally DEAD! lols
2. Don't start on me, EVER.
3. I'm a fun, bubbly person. Don't act serious or moody when you're with me. I dont play that game.
4. If you're a boy I don't date random people. I have to get to know you first.
5. Don't CONTROL me.

I have a younger brother, Sam. Hes so annoying! lol. My parents are the coolest, but my dad is too protective. =[

I'm a nice person. I'm not mean. You can be my friend!!!!But I'm crazy, so u'll have to deal with it if you wanna be my friend lols.

Anyways, more about me. I am annoying...So if your the serious type that completely bores me..lols.

My group of friends! Brooke, Stacey, Hayley, Gemma and Me! xD

Peace out! heart Becky xxx


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ShadowDuskX Report | 05/10/2014 12:21 pm
Once again I'm happy this is still here... I'm glad too, some more stuff has happened within the span of 1 year. For starters I moved somewhere, and I finally got a job. Can't say I'm too happy about it though, something about is missing... ah well, I'll figure it out. My family hasn't changed much, other than mom somehow slowly imploding on the inside, and my brother is even lazier. Maybe you can snap him out of it. Just hope you can see these comments, it sure has been a long time...
ShadowDuskX Report | 06/06/2013 11:52 am
Glad to see this profile is still around. I'm surprised actually, it's been about a year and a half since I came here, since I completely forgot about gaia until recently XP. Still miss ya Becky, hell, I miss everybody, since I don't hear from them anymore, not since Stacey decided to cut all connections to this place, so I only got Sierra left. We both still miss you though, although I'll have to remind her to type on here again... lol.
iStill Fly Report | 11/06/2011 5:03 pm
iStill Fly

Gaaah!!! Becky!! The kid under me had to remind me AGAIN about what happened. I hate not remembering things..I can't believe its been almost 2 years, Everyone misses you terribly Becky. Maggie, Tyler, Stacey, Everyone does. I love you. I miss you the most though. ^.^ teehee. :3 My heart has this over it ---> emotion_bandaid the bandaid is over a special part because you were really special to me, and you still are. :3 I wish Maggie would talk to me more. I mean, If there's any way you would contact me through heaven do it, please. Id love to hear from you. Draw a picture in the dirt for me? or in the sky? -smiles.- You've been amazing. Make sure you're doing good : ) Tell God I say hai ^.^; If you find my dad, Tell him I love him and tell him I wish I had the chance to see him one more time before he died. =/ Ask everyone up in heaven if they know a Sierra Nicole from California : ) Maybe some people will give me signs that they remember me, heh~ Well Becky, Do anything you can to reach me. Today is the first day Ive talked to Tyler in a while. Call me from God's phone : ) 19512691646. I'd be happy to hear your heavenly voice : ) We would sit by the spinny wheel thingy in rally and just talk and hang out and do the most random-est s**t ever. x) I wish these times didn't have to end..Trust me, When i find the ******** who did that s**t to you, he'll pay the consequences. I'm not going to let him get away with that s**t. He deserves to die..Becky, I love you so much, Be good up there, & Jus wait till I get up there : ) We'll have the best times ever. : ) we could haunt the people we hated ^.^; I promise you, our whole gang will get back together some day : ) You're still the amazing girl I met back in 2008 : ) You're beautiful. I LOVE YOU!! <3333
ShadowDuskX Report | 11/06/2011 4:31 pm
Even with you not coming back to your profile anymore, you can't get rid of me that easily. lol :p

Nothing new, nothing interesting, just checking in on you. Gimme a shoutout or something.
ShadowDuskX Report | 08/06/2011 5:59 pm
Hi again becky, still hopin you're havin a good afterlife, still haven't forgotten about ya. I'm doing fine, but i haven't heard from the others, and i haven't spoken to sierra lately. I'll try and keep these comments goin. an if you see stacey in the living or with you, tell her i said hi would ya?
ShadowDuskX Report | 05/22/2011 7:00 pm
Hey Becky, been a while since i comment on here, or, anyone else for that matter... figured i might as well since i got here.

How you been lately anyway? Still havin fun up there or have you moved on? Things have changed alot these past couple of months.
I'm graduating from school in a couple of days, I wish everyone was here to help me celebrate, but I haven't heard from Stacey at all lately. I wish i knew where she was.
Sierra is doin fine, being a rebel as always, but i dont think you knew that razz ... Everything has gotten quiet. It feels weird...

If you're able to find a way to contact us even in heaven, you better figure it out! I want things to be the way they were again, no matter how far away it is. well... see ya later.
Pleasant Memories - Report | 01/08/2011 10:00 am
Pleasant Memories -

Ah; Becky; Its Sierra. I just heard the news. I can't believe. Im so sorry. Whoever did that deserves to die. I'll kill him personally. Just for you. I remember, How you, tyler, maggie, myself, and stacey when we used to hang out. it was very funny. We made such inside jokes. Gah; i miss you terribly. Tyler just told me today. I started crying. I love you Becky. You're such an amazing girl. I bet, you're doing amazing up there in heaven(: Make sure those angels aren't treating you wrong(; Well becky; I love you ver much.♥
ShadowDuskX Report | 01/08/2011 9:53 am
well... its been over a year since we've heard from you becky. I'm doing fine, and so is sierra. I haven't heard from your best friend stace, or our other friend maggie, but i'm sure they'll respond soon. I still remember when we used to hang out, you always were a nice girl, even if you were somewhat crazy...but i guess thats why i liked hangin out with you and stacey. lolz. I'll try to add another comment some other time if i can, dont think i've forgotten you, because i never did
ShadowDuskX Report | 12/18/2010 7:08 pm
as always, the friends who cared about you are leaving comments, even though you're gone... we all miss you becky, maybe one day we'll all get to see you again, wouldn't that be nice?
SexuallyActiveVirgin Report | 11/23/2010 3:55 pm
Hey beautiful):
It's been a while since I have commented... Damn, I miss you... Damn, I miss everyone.
Gemma and I are facebook friends(:
But, alas I never come on here... But, I didn't forget about you... It's so sad what happened... You didn't deserve it.
But, remember, I bet those sexy angels are all over you... haha(:
I miss you girl... and I feel dreadful for not posting for months...



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