Hello there, this is iiLovePumkinPiexD.
Btw: My b-day is Nov. 1
Well if you bother to read about me here it goes; XD
I'm asthmatic and yet I laugh like a loon!!XD
I'm very slow, naive and innocent, well that's what I've been told. ;P
So nothing bad! xD
My zodiac sign is Scorpio <33
I live in Cali baby! I'm a cute hispanic brunette <3
I'm 5 feet tall, or 5'1. I think. :]
I'm not skinny or chubby, I'm in the middle.
I'm gonna be in High School, 9th grade Dx
I play the Saxophone and now I'm in marching band at SFHS ~if u dont know what that means..dont ask xD~
One of my most special possessions is a necklace <3
There is this person in my life I completely adore. Whenever I see him its the best feeling in the world, he's the most amazing guy I've ever met. He's tall, which I completely love..and he smells good, hes really cute and he calls me beautiful. (Awwww) <33
He's smart, amazing, cute, he smells good (I said that again, So What?!<3), he respects me for who I am, and he respects my decisions. He's there for me when I need him. He's The Perfect Guy, he's what every girl wants and he's all mine. He's my knight in shining armor, my Prince Charming. My Life.<33
_♥_♥___♥_♥_ put this
♥___♥_♥___♥ heart
_♥___♥___♥_ on your
__♥_____♥__ page if
___♥___♥___ you love
____♥_♥____ someone
I love to be loved
I'm currently the most happiest girl in the world, almost everything is going right in my life...almost
My heart is taken, so sorry boys <3333
I can be jealous of skinny girls, but I'd rather have a booty than no booty any day smile <3
Ohh, and I do NOT like sarcasm, so if you're full of it. Rethink whether you wanna talk. ;l
Theres much more to me than that so if u wanna get to know me more then click that add me button and well talk some more
peace out!! luv ya! <3333

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<3 Help, with my dream avii. please?? Donations Appreciated <3


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Stuff about me u MIGHT wanna know

about my self duhh!! read title!! jk



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Report | 07/25/2018 5:15 pm


hey u still on here

Report | 08/14/2010 2:20 am


Wow, it's been soo long. I barely come on this account anymore, do you still come on Gaia? If it's no I'm sure I won't get an answer though. XD

Report | 06/23/2010 12:38 pm


hey whats up? Long time no talk (:

Report | 06/05/2010 9:17 pm


Hello. It's been a long time since we talked so I thought I would send you a comment. =3

Report | 04/14/2010 7:52 pm


Random Comment : D
If chu read this comment me backk
Oh My Jack Skeleton : O

Report | 03/13/2010 4:53 am


I absolutely love the picture on your profile!!! And your av is so cute! Very classy jeje

Report | 03/11/2010 12:35 pm


yeah i actually do! give me yours and ill look u up! but message me so that way the whole world wont know lmao

Report | 02/02/2010 3:27 pm


Hello, how are you? Long time since we last talked. >.<

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Report | 12/22/2009 12:22 am


Maaaan, i haven't been on here for like.. 2 months D:
I miss yoouuuu ): man, so much crap has happened..
How are you these days honey?
you still playing sax?? I'm only going to canada now.
Not Cali ): grrrrr... ooooohh welll.
Talk soon xx love you, miss yoou


Love is a beautiful thing, when it comes to you, don't ever let it go. 3nodding <3