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" One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. "
- Bob Marley
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Live.By.The.Gun ; Die.By.The.Bullet

Kay, So,dont go Runnin Your mouth Bout me
Ye Heres the facts.
13yrs Younq MatureThough (:
Tha momma dont give a fuqk & on drugs
Daddy left with a new family and left me with no one
Spanish speaking ANDD Englishh
American& Mexican is the blood.
Respected among Mexicans. ♥
I got a lip piercing
and nose & & gettin a tongue piercing.
I can drink the Lean (and smoke tha green.
Do not Give a fuqk what you say.
Sanfransico, California Bby <3
South Park haha (:
I lived in New Jersey.,
But now I live in Miami.
iLive in the Fuqkin
Ghettoest parts of the city.
I've been through a lot of SHYT
befor you say something
Think ******** first
Very good.?

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