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Hai~~ My real name will be change into something soon so just please call me Thao :3
There isn't much to say about myself but here are something that you should know about me (if you're reading this)

1.) Asian Stuff = Love (clothes, hair do, styles...etc.)
2.) Music = Love (It's one of the most important thing in my life right now)
3.) Black and White = Love (favorite colors) :]]
4.) I like to eat pocky...
5.) Rice = Love Love
6.) I'm Vietnamese. Which means I'm Asian.
7.) I'm a manga addict..
8.) I'm an anime addict..
9.) I like to sing..even though I've been told that I'm not the best..=.=
10.) I like to dance, hiphop (?) but not in front of people
11.) KPOP JPOP and VPOP are the main stuff I listen to.
12.) Electronic devices = Love
*question: how long will Thao last without internet?
answer: 3 hours top (and that is when she doesn't have anything else to do)
13.) I might <3 manga/anime than some of my friends...
14.) Big Bang is my favorite Korean Band
15.) I like Asian fruits: Star fruit, dragon fruit, mango..etc.
16.) Super Junior is my second favorite Korean Band
17.) Oh, and I like to listen to rap in songs. :]
18.) At the moment, I'm hungry.
19.) I'm hungry but I'm very lazy to go get food...:[ so now my tummy hurts..T.T
20.) I like to rap in the songs that I like.
21.) But when they're too fast for me to rap with them, I get mad at the song...:S
22.) I'm sorta creative but sometimes, all I can do is think inside of the box T.T
23.) I want my hair to grow longer, but it is very hot with long hair where I live...
24.) I like my hair color but it attracts too much sunlight so my head is very hot during summer..D:
25.) I like to meet with people whom have the same interest as me :3
26.) I like pandas
27.) I like long sleeve shirts..they protect my skins (yay)

I'm an easy going person (right?) and will be friends with almost anyone.
I don't have an art shop but I do enjoy drawing. Below are some of my samples. If you want me to draw something for you then PM me or comment my profile then we'll sort things out, and also, I usually charge for cheap prizes. (maybe) :]]

Here are the examples
<A> <S> <I> <A> <N> * <P> <R> <I> <D> <E> * <L> <O>



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Report | 08/02/2010 11:57 am


cute avitar!!!!! heart

Report | 06/11/2010 2:12 pm


LOL im not sure.

Report | 06/11/2010 11:30 am


yep yep it is and nope i dun sorry.

Report | 06/11/2010 1:24 am


LOL pshh thats awesome! im somebody's insperation c:

Report | 06/11/2010 1:20 am


Oh thats cool :]
i wanna see it when your done (:

Report | 06/11/2010 1:04 am


LOL ur welcome.
Oh well dun worry.
it might turn out great in the end C:

Report | 06/11/2010 12:43 am


oh its okay.
oh a masterpiece xD
i bet its super duper pretty c:

Report | 06/10/2010 10:54 pm


LOL yep yep so what chuu doing?

Report | 06/10/2010 10:51 pm


LOL yeah i shouldn't cry ):
but i want sum candie c:

Report | 06/10/2010 5:21 pm


me too T . T
so sad that we dun have some D:


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