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OnlyJiyn Report | 09/05/2016 6:49 pm
Thanks for buying! gaia_star
SamLJackson1 Report | 08/24/2016 11:21 pm
I agree with your About Me section. smile
xiKandiix Report | 11/02/2014 12:48 am
It has been so long!
xiKandiix Report | 07/26/2014 2:05 am
Hi old friend smile
xiKandiix Report | 12/22/2012 4:24 pm
It has, How have you been? c:
xiKandiix Report | 12/17/2012 2:33 am
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Stopping by to say i've missed you Asian. c:
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
SadQuotes Report | 02/27/2012 2:37 pm
-stalks guide leader- o3o Heeey. LOL. I couldn't help it. I had to comment. I like your avatar. whee
xiKandiix Report | 12/23/2011 12:35 am
Some things just don't change I guess, haha .
xiKandiix Report | 12/21/2011 12:07 am
Times gone by so fast, it's been long since we've last talked
I wanted to stop by and say ; I heart you and hope you are well.
iiPaco Taco Report | 11/13/2011 3:18 pm
Happy Birthday dude


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So many people come to gaia to escape life. I know I do sometimes, don't you think it's just so completely irresitible to be able to create yourself by who you want to be, not by who you are forced to be. Just look at a person's avatar, and don't make fun of noobs or newbies to the site for trying to create a look aswell. Maybe you have something as little as a zit problem at school, or at work. But, you can always come on Gaia and be whoever you want to be. You can be simply clear faced. That's the real world, zits. Everyone gets them, no matter how little they are, and some people take it harder than others. Or maybe your an outcast at school? But you pretty popular on Gaia, huh? Gaia sometimes get you through hardtimes like deaths and breakups. I know I come here generally when I want to forget about a problem at home, school, work, or with my friends. Alot of people, like myself, have been through alot and have trust issues now. It just seems you can trust a complete stranger telling them everything you need to let go of your chest, and it's so much easier then telling the closest person in the world. Most of the time you get better advice too; many people judge you when they know you. But if they don't know you, it's a more honest judging than someone that know's way more about your life; they will probally tell you straight up. It's just so wonderful lerking around gaia and seeing how generous or how cruel people could be to perfect strangers. It's so interesting seeing the world through a computer and hiding the real world behind a computer screen. But, just watch out. :/ Life doesn't sell in gold anymore.

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