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"Hey all how ya doing names Ranma Saotome best martial artist of my generation." grining. "I guess this is where I am suppose to tell ya about myself." crosses arms. "Well I guess I can start with what I know which is several styles from different things I won't name them cause they are just plain strange , I also know several acutal styles and have blended them into the Saotome School of Anything Goes."Well I left Nerima and all that craziness behind so I have the whole world ahead and only the wind will know where I go." "Oh yeah I have a curse I turn into a girl when splashed with cold water and return with hot/warm water." ((Will add more later too lazy right not ALSO I rp a Ranma that is gone from nerima and has no ties to anyone except Ryouga and the amazons who hound him ))

Ok people here is how his style goes

Ranma’s fighting style, the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu ("School of Anything Goes Martial Arts"), was originally designed to allow its Grand Master to peek on, steal underwear from, and generally molest those of the female sex. Nonetheless, over three generations it has developed into one of the most powerful schools of martial arts in the world. Ranma exemplifies the Saotome Style of the school, which is the one closest to the original: it relies on extreme maneuverability, flexibility, and speed to dodge attacks, while the practitioner analyses the enemy’s abilities and techniques. The opponent is then overcome with a single decisive strike to the identified vulnerability.

In addition to the general intrinsic value placed on "motion, distance and contemplation", the Saotome style of Anything Goes assimilates techniques from those it has encountered. As a result, Ranma possesses a vast repertoire of special techniques, many with one or more permutations or hybridizations. Ranma specializes in adapting his moves on the fly and in the middle of a fight, surprising less nimble (though often more powerful) foes. This unpredictability and adaptability makes Ranma almost impossible to beat the same way more than once or twice.

Next up is his Attacks that he has that are known.

Umisenken School (Thousand Fists of the Sea)

Hakuda Toshin Shou (White Snake Spitting True Palm)
Slip under an opponent so as to get behind them, and strike all along both sides of the back, in almost a single motion. Training for this technique typically involves practice breaking into people’s drawers and stealing from them or rearranging their things at incredible speed. The resulting blows are fast, but not very powerful. Ranma later combines this move with the Amaguriken to create the “Hakuda Toshin Shou Kaiteiban: Dokuja” or White Snake Spitting True Palm Revised: Poison Serpent. This hits the same spots a hundred times, but is much more exhausting to execute.

Dokuja Toshin Shou (Poisonous Serpent Spitting True Palm)
The perfected version of the Hakuda Toshin Shou Kaiteiban: Dokuja. The name is shorter, and the move is more fluidly executed and less exhausting to perform.

Shichuu Rakuchi Sei (Brace Falling Down Strength)
Performing this technique involved driving an opponent’s feet apart, disorienting them in preparation for another chain of attacks. Practice for this technique is to undermine the foundations of a room or even an entire house.

Goshin Ryü Sei Fu (Self-Protection Falling Star Cloth)
Ranma wraps a wrapping cloth around an opponent’s head in a choking and blinding maneuver. This attack is often chained with the Ri Giyo Hon Shin and Haizan Tökai Tai.

Ri Giyo Hon Shin (Carp Fish Bodyflip)
Ranma pulls himself up and flips over an opponent’s head, holding the cloth wrapped around it. This brings him into a favorable position behind his target for other Umisenken moves, most notably the Haizan Tökai Tai.

Haizan Tökai Tai (High Mountain Fall-to-Sea Posture)
Now behind an opponent’s back, Ranma drives his feet into either hamstrings or the small of the back, and pulls downward on the cloth around his enemy’s face and neck, constricting them.

Goshin Dai Ryuusei Fu (Self-Protection Big Falling Star Cloth)
Ranma whirls a big wrapping cloth, and disappears from sight. This invisibility technique can also be done without a cloth, but it leaves Ranma open to detection through keen observation and willpower, if an opponent knows what to expect (the cloth distracts the eye while Ranma "disappears" ) or is, himself, familiar with similar techniques.

Neko Ken (Cat Fist)
A cat style martial arts technique taught to Ranma by his father Genma. Learning this involved a young Ranma being tied up in fish sausage (or other edibles) and being thrown repeatedly into a pit full of hungry cats. This is the cause of his ailurophobia. When sufficiently scared out of his wits, Ranma reverts to a cat-like state. His speed is essentially the same, but his hands operate with either invisible cat-like ki claws or wind blades; capable of shredding most materials with ease. However, it also saps his will and intelligence (he literally acts like a cat). Only shock to his nervous system (such as his curse being activated, or an electrical shock) or relaxation into sleep will return him to normal.

Saotome Ryu Ougi (Saotome Secret Technique)
Based on the school's core principles of Motion, Distance and Contemplation this technique involves faking a lunge, turning at the last second, and then running like your life depends on it (because it probably does). It is a technique of last resort when facing an opponent too powerful to face, or one you have no idea how to defeat. Basically it involves running away, thinking up something new, and then attacking again.

Moko Rakuchi Sei (Fierce Tiger Falling Strength)
Another secret technique of the Saotome School. In it, place both hands, palm down, on the ground, face your opponent, look them in the eye... and apologize profusely while bowing for clemency. Also known as “Crouch of the Wild Tiger”

Moko Takabisha (Pride of the Fierce Tiger)
Ki attack which is based on the emotion of confidence, developed by and for Ranma himself. It was intended as a direct counter to the Ryoga's Shishi Hokoudan due to the fact that Ranma couldn't maintain the level of bleak gloom/depression required for it. He is able to create a "Double Moko Takabisha" that fires two equally strong Ki blasts from both hands.

Happo Dai Karin (Happy’s Big Fire Bomb)
The signature technique of Happosai, the lecherous founder of Anything Goes Martial Arts, in it Ranma forms what is effectively a solid ki attack. This takes the form of a large firecracker, and the amount of ki infused into drawing the bomb is proportional to its total explosive potential, which unlike real world explosives, is a quasi-perfect reaction involving the decompression of the stored ki energy. Thus all bomb material is totally consumed, leaving no residue beyond a scattering of carbon ash. This separates it from a simple conventional explosive. Once lit, it is then generally thrown at a target, giving an opponent a chance to dodge, reflect or otherwise knock it away before it explodes. Advanced versions of the technique can also be made to explode on contact/proximity and to be directed primarily in one direction (as opposed to an omni directional spherical explosion).

Kawarimi (Body Replacement)
A ninja type technique Ranma uses several times. Ranma’s proficiency with it surprised even Konatsu, and demonstrates the importance of escape techniques to a practitioner of Anything Goes. This technique was probably absorbed into the school to help the martial artist escape angry women, though it often costs the user a spare shirt.

An extreme variant of this technique also allows Anything Goes masters to remove clothing from an opponent, usually without them even noticing. This is usually underwear in the form of panties or bras or swimsuits or something similarly perverted. It can also be reversed, putting particularly risqué clothes on someone without their consent.

Toppatsu Higi Hyöga Reppö Soku (Instant Secret Art - Glacier Storm Breath)
Having once been stuck in the freezer for several hours, Ranma was completely covered with ice - all water froze on contact with him, so if he got wet, he'd stay female. When Happosai tried to get Ranma with a bucket of water, Ranma blasted with a stream of cold air and flying ice shards.

Kachuu Tenshi Amaguriken (Roasting Imperial Chestnut Fist)
A powerful speed-boost Joketsuzoku technique, it delivers a flurry of blows faster than the untrained, normal human eye can follow. Against a highly skilled opponent, the effect is to overload his or her defenses with a large number of essentially meaningless, weaker blows, forcing an opening to occur. A single, powerful blow then ends the cycle of the Amaguriken, taking advantage of the opening it created. Against slower or less skilled opponents, the technique simply delivers a large number of blows to the opponent in a short amount of time, as well as causing fatigue as the opponent tries to dodge, and psychological fear from the sheer number of blows being thrown. Ranma’s version of the technique is geared towards the latter, rather than the former. Can be paired with Umisenken techniques like the Hakuda Toshin Shou.

Hiryu Shoten Ha (Rising Dragon Ascension Blast)
Another powerful Joketsuzoku technique, this is Ranma’s most powerful move if used under the right circumstances. It is unique in that it relies not on Ranma’s internal ki energy, but on the hot ki given off by an enraged opponent, or already present in the area. In this, the classical version of the technique, Ranma draws his opponent into a spiral, his ‘cold ki’ breaking up the hot, and creating a clash of temperatures. In the center of the spiral, the technique is activated (generally in the form of an uppercut), and an intense tornado erupts from the spot, sweeping up anyone nearby - the tighter the spiral and the more powerful (and angry) the opponent, the more powerful the resulting Hiryu Shoten Ha. The move can also be utilized as a horizontal attack, though due to the lack of a proper spiral, it is weaker in this form. The following are variations:

Hiryu Shöten Ha Kaiteiban: Gedan Rasen
(Flying Dragon's Ascension Blast Revised: Horizontal Spiral)
Originally a low power attack designed to fight Natsume and Kurumi during the Tendo School’s succession crisis. Ranma later learns to use regular Hiryu Shoten Ha attacks from either a vertical or horizontal attack position

Hiryu Kourin Dan
(Flying Dragon's Descending Bullet)
This technique was developed when Ranma discovered that the Hiryu Shoten Ha esd ineffective against Herb, who knew of the attack and how to counter it. Ranma noticed that excess hot ki from their fight had gathered up in the sky. He created another whirlwind, allowing Herb to throw him into it. While in the air, Ranma gathered the hot ki and, with his own cold ki, fired himself downward, straight into Herb, for the final attack. Ranma can use this attack in any situation where there is heat or hot ki in the air above a target.

Hiryu Hyou Toppa
(Flying Dragon's Ice Breakthrough)
Ranma’s most deadly technique to date. This is also Ranma's final attack against Saffron in Vol. 38 of the manga, completed with the aid of the Gekkaja (which has a freezing effect on contact). Simply, this is a highly compressed tornado of freezing cold air. The tip is concentrated to a fine point, and on contact, it freezes and shatters the target, drilling it to pieces.

Hiryu Kanshou (Flying Dragon Intervention)
A divergent technique based on the Hiryu Shoten Ha. This uses mini-tornados created by precise circulation of externalized ki (an aura) to partially push aside and deflect enemy attacks. It is not a true defense, but instead an aid to dodging.

Similar to the Hiryu Kourin Dan, this attack relies on Ranma being in the air above his opponent. It is basically a reverse Hiryu Shoten Ha, shooting the tornado downward to pin the enemy in place and hammer them into the ground with waves of ki and wind.

RP BIO-Hey all Ranma Saotome here "I have moved away from Nerima and got out of all the engagements but sometimes they still come after but lately its been kinda peaceful and for that I am grateful. "I am currently living alone an constantly training to better myself I have had minimal contact with people mostly due to the fact I have secluded myself in the woods"

Current living space-A Cabin in the woods alone.

New Set of Attacks

Dragons Fury Fist- An improved version of the Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken this attack uses the same speed but his Fists are covered in a layer of hot ki using this attack drains him really fast an he is only able to hold it for a few seconds.

Moko Takabisha revised Final Shot- This attack its his ki blast powered up to the very limit and as such it is a one shot deal he can only use this attack one as it completely leaves him drained of power an unable to move.

Hiryu Shoten Ha revised Eternal Dragons Fall- Taking the initial tornado of the hiryu shoten ha an changing into a fully shaped dragon made up of the enemies power Ranma controls it and drives it straight into the enemy crushing them into the ground with there own power.

Burning Aura Shine- Forcing every ounce of his power outward he sends a dome of power out draining him an pretty much killing him this attack is a last ditch effort attack.

((more attacks to be added))


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