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I love it when you look at me, because then I know for one second I crossed your mind.

If you follow the crowd, you might get lost in it...

I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Muscle Isn't In Your arm, it's in Your Head.
- Angel x]

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"I'm not an artist, I'm a ******** piece of art"

*~ Sasha | 14 | Auqust 26 | Taken ~*

The Names Sasha! If You Cant Say It Ur Stupid Sorri. But U May Call Me Watever You Like .! x] Im Prettii Simiply, But No One Fully Understands Me. But I Love It That Way. Don't Think Bcuz Yur Readinq This U Miqht Know All About Me c[; The Aqe Is 14! Goinq on 15. Mark Yur Calendars For Auqust 26 :] Yes I'm Younq And Livinq Each day As If Its My Last. I Dont Have The Sinqle Girl Swaqq. But I'm Lovinq It. ~[Taken By Sky Thee Most Amazinq Guy that Has Come Alonq In A While! iLY bby♥♥]~ I Live in Florida Riqht Now. But Me And My Friend Willow Have Plans For The Future Too Move Too France Then Too Japan! x] Cant Wait. I'm Really Out Going. But I Dont Be Like Shy People So TALK To Me x] Dont Be Scared, I do Bite!! But Who Cares xD I Dislike The Word Hate. It's Rele Stronq I Perfer "Stronqly Dislike". Mmm Fakes, Liars, && Cheaters Are The Thinqs I Cant Stand in This World. That's Why I Have My Own Perfect Little World in My Head. When I Get A NameFor It, I'll Tell You. I Love Being Random. I Also Love Gum. But Weirdly Ppl Dont Trust Me Wiff It [Dont Ask] But I Chew It Like A Chew Chew Train!! I Am Also Very Caring And Loving For ALOT Of Ppl. Even The Ones I Don't Know [: Well Until I get Pissed Or Something. Beinq Mad && Pissed At Someone Are Thinq I Am Not Very Good At. Music is The Best Pick Me Up in the World But Thats Just My Point of Veiw. It Always Chanqe My Mood. ! I'm Very Chill && Nice. But Lately Ive Chanqe Accordinq Too DAN O:< I Dont Think I Have. xD But Who Knows! Mm i Love Comments More Than Pms So Plz Comment..Don't Jock The Profile! I Dislike that!
Pc3 My Loves
~SaSha heart

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