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A young lady of firm character under the care of Switzerland. She’s very clever, and she has a modest and docile personality.
She has a very humble and adult personality, but she will always clearly state her opinions.
She’s pretty high-tech, too.

Name: (No given human name, yet.) Principality of Liechtenstein
Capital: Vaduz
Language: German
Birthday: July 12th, 1806.
National Flower: Lily

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a landlocked alpine state in Western Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and by Austria to the east. Originally part of the Holy Roman Empire, when it was overthrown Liechtenstein became it's own state. She was then presided over by the German Confederation, the leader of which was the Austrian Emperor. Liechtenstein also had many advances in the nineteenth century, as in 1836, the first factory was opened, making ceramics. In 1861, the Savings and Loans Bank was founded, as was the first cotton-weaving mill. Two bridges over the Rhine were built in 1868, and in 1872 a railway line across Liechtenstein was constructed. This helped foreign relations between her and the other nations.

It was when the Austro-Prussian war broke out that true pressure was placed on Liechtenstein - when peace was declared, Prussia accused the smaller nation of being the true cause of the war due to a large miscount of the votes that were pro a war. This led to Liechtenstein refusing to agree to sign a peace treaty with Prussia and remained at war, though it was more of a "cold war", seeing as no true conflict ever occurred. This was one of the arguments that "justified" the invasion in the late 1930s.

Until the end of the first world war, Liechtenstein first was closely tied to the Austrian Empire and later to Austria-Hungary. The economic devastation caused by WWI forced the country to conclude a customs and monetary union with its other neighbor Switzerland. In the Hetalia manga, this is shown with Liechtenstein being left alone in the rain, beaten and bloody, and Switzerland coming to her aid and taking her home, caring for her.

In the spring of 1938, just after the annexation of Austria into Greater Germany, eighty-four year-old Prince Franz I abdicated. While Prince Franz I claimed that old age was his reason for abdicating, it is believed that he had no desire to be on the throne if Germany were to gobble up Liechtenstein. During World War II, Liechtenstein remained neutral, much like her "older brother" Switzerland.

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Liechtenstein has a serious "older brother" complex. Due to the fact that Switzerland is her "older brother" and saved her, Liecht tries to do everything she can to make her brother happy - she's devoted to him. She used to have long hair in plaits, but she cut it and changed one day so that she could look more like her brother. Due to this, she was mistaken for a boy, something that upset her a lot. Her brother is extremely overprotective of her and she seems to enjoy this treatment, not even batting an eyelid at the extreme ways her brother can act sometimes. (And example of her devotion is that she "might consider joining the EU if Switzerland joins." wink

Away from her brother, Liecht is very polite and addresses everyone very formally. Despite this, she is quite shy and doesn't like speaking to new people, especially if her brother hasn't "approved" them or she is unsure of who they are. Her brother complex sometimes holds her back, as the focus of her attention is often trying to find out where her brother is and if he needs her, rather than what she is doing at that time. Liecht is also very fond of sewing and often makes her older brother presents, such as a frilly nightshirt. She is also a hard worker, as seen in the strips where she is trying to help her brother with work, or attempting to help him calm down or smile.


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Oben am jungen Rhein
Lehnet sich Liechtenstein
An Alpenhöh'n.
Dies liebe Heimatland,
Das teure Vaterland,
Hat Gottes weise Hand
Für uns erseh'n.

Hoch lebe Liechtenstein
Blühend am jungen Rhein,
Glücklich und treu.
Hoch leb' der Fürst vom Land,
Hoch unser Vaterland,
Durch Bruderliebe Band
Vereint und frei.

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Vash Zwingli
Roderich Edelstein