Hi im Michelle im 16 going on 17 nxt month ummmmm yea well im asian if you can tell tabout my pro and yea i only go on gaia whn im bored like rite now so yea. My use to call me cookie so thats where i got this name so its a thx to them that i got it frm i love so much smile heart ,I live in California single still in high school about to be a senior, love to hang out with my friends, surf, skate, and party. I only have one to valuable that is my heart it doesn't matter how long it takes to build trust or any thing that got to do w my heart i dont matter, just don't break it you break it ill f you up got it so yea. After senior year im going to korea with my bff Lola that's if he get in to the company that he auddition for smile
LOVE YOU KAY BYE!!!!!!! heart heart

P.S. Thx for looking at my pro smile