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My name may or may not be Cameron.
^ pretty sure your name is cameron....you aren't fooling anyone.
MADDO IS FABO (fabulous)
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This profile sucks. I apologise.
Enjoy this picture of the cutest puppy ever.


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Heeeeyooo it's Maddo.
Just wanted to say hi.....that's all.
JK anyways I love you tons & tons. You're my best friend in the entire world and I couldn't ask for anyone better. There's so many things I can say about how much I love you but it would honestly take a billion years. SO in that case I'm going the Miley Cyrus route on this one ; The 7 things I love about you by Madeline.
Número Uno- I love how you put up with my bitchiness everyday without complaining. It's amazing. I don't understand how you can deal with my s**t all day. But thank you.
Number 2- I love when you send me pictures of you after you clearly said no....( I get what I want). Those pictures always make me smile even if they're as goofy as the superhero underwear one because it's you being you...and that's what I love.
Number 3-I love how you react to the slightest things...for instance leaving you a message every morning when I wake up or saying "I love you" and not just "love you". Frankly I find it the most adorable thing in the entire world.
Number 4- your daily reminders telling me how beautiful I am are what usually get me through the day. Even though it's hard to believe at times I can always count on you to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the entire world.
CINCO- I love that you're my best friend. I can always count on you to be there for me and be an a*****e when I need a wake up call. lol remember that best friend song I used to always show you ha ha ha yeah good times. ANYWAYS I tell you about everything I can make into words without sounding like an idiot.
SIX- I just love how you look....I know that looks shouldn't matter and it's what's on the inside that counts. But DAAYYUUUM you're hot and extremely handsome.
7777777777777 (seven)- I just love you. I love you for everything you do and say to me. How I can never be mad at you...well I can but not for very long. You know all my soft spots and secrets (most of them let's say the least).
WELL that's about all I got to say there pal. Thanks for being you. Stay radical
Love Madeline (bear)