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Leviathan Destiny Report | 03/05/2011 10:21 am
Don't do that ;A;
please return Trent's [ The God of Evil Darkness ] account, people work hard for their items ;^;
The Raving Zombie Report | 03/03/2011 2:42 pm
What is wrong with you! Hacking my boy Trent (The God Of Darkness)! He's been nothing but nice to you an you screw him over. Give him his account back or we'll report you. And trust me, some of my closest friends are Admins. I have connections girly. Choose wisely. Give him his account back, and you won't get your account frozen. But if you don't, watch out, hun! I bite. Harddd. scream
The Evil Rebellion Report | 03/03/2011 12:45 pm
dude amber why did u hack me ;-; why? u know how mean that is! i was nice to u and u took from me
The God Of Evil Darkness Report | 03/01/2011 10:52 pm
can i hve my halo back and please dont say u sent it back cuz i never got a msg
The God Of Evil Darkness Report | 03/01/2011 6:47 pm
what s up ;D i cant txt cuz i has no signla at home ;-;
the sinful nightmare Report | 02/27/2011 8:20 pm
sora from kingdomhearts
the sinful nightmare Report | 02/27/2011 8:16 pm
ddevin1 Report | 02/20/2011 10:24 pm
sad I just really don't like it plzzzzzzzzz amber plz sad
ddevin1 Report | 02/20/2011 1:11 pm
-_- you where sad and now your yelling at me..... just because I dont like it and you do like it your yelling at....
ddevin1 Report | 02/20/2011 11:23 am
*hugs* hi ^_^


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A heart made of glass.

A man held a heart of glass in his hands.
He held this heart of glass with tender love and care.
Eventually, the man didn't love the heart of glass any longer.
So he dropped it, allowing it to shatter across the hard ground.
When the man looked upon the shattered remains of the heart of glass
He only turned away, and left.

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~~If you looked [inside] a girl, you would see how much she really cries, you would find so many secrets and lots of lies. But what you will see the most is how hard it is to stay strong, when nothing is right and everything is wrong. ~~


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Far Away...

Your far away
Far, far away every day
My chest is bursting
my mind and heart are wrestling

As for what to do
I want whats good for you
Tears cannot pass these eyes of mine
Your marching in a perfect line

Into worlds of war and death
Fighting until your last breath
It hurts to know your so far, far away
I can feel my judgment sway

Perhaps you will never come home
I pray you leave that dome
The dome of war and pain
Where blood falls like rain

Never again will I let myself weaken
He is a soldier, a beacon
Of justice, truth, and light
You make my day seem so bright

~~Amber Duncan (me)


f I Knew

If I knew how to write a song
I’d write one everyday
It would say that I’m in love with you
And why I feel this way

It would have to say you’re pretty
And as rare as a desert rose
It would say you’re a looker
From your head down to your toes

You are funny, dainty, fragile
And as feminine as can be
You’re smart charming lovely
And everything to me

You’re my comfort when I’m lonely
You’re my peace when I need rest
Of all the women I’ve known
I must rate you the best.

You’re the orchard in the jungle,
you’re the better half of me
You’re all of this and so much more,
you mean the world to me

Still so much is left unsaid,
It would take me far to long
I know how much I love you,
If only I could write a song.
somethin emo
The God Of Evil Darkness
lX Burning Ice Xl
the sinful nightmare