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iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:41] hi

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:41] Fortune: You will be attacked next Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. by six samurai
sword wielding purple fish glued to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Oh, and have a nice day!
-- Bryce Nesbitt '84

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:42] what the...

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:42] "Life, loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it."
-- Marvin, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:42] what?!?!

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:42] Good day to let down old friends who need help.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:43] oh i now you did't just go there O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:43] Communicate! It can't make things any worse.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:43] what the heck man D:

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:43] Long life is in store for you.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:43] NOOOOOOOOO

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:43] You will lose your present job and have to become a door to door mayonnaise

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:43] Up yours O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:43] You worry too much about your job. Stop it. You are not paid enough to worry.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:44] yeah and how much do you get payed l:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:44] You'd like to do it instantaneously, but that's too slow.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:44] ewh you pervert

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:44] Don't Worry, Be Happy.
-- Meher Baba

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:44] lol wtf

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:44] Your mode of life will be changed for the better because of good news soon.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:45] omg really O:

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:45] Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:45] d**k Weed >_>

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:45] You will not be elected to public office this year.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:45] uhm ok?

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:45] In the stairway of life, you'd best take the elevator.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:45] what!?!?

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:45] You are going to have a new love affair.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:45] how do you know are you stalking me?

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:45] You are scrupulously honest, frank, and straightforward. Therefore you
have few friends.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:46] bite me

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:46] You're definitely on their list. The question to ask next is what list it is.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:46] what list is it?

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:46] You may get an opportunity for advancement today. Watch it!

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:46] huh!??!

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:46] You like to form new friendships and make new acquaintances.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:47] uh no i dont

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:47] Of course you have a purpose -- to find a purpose.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:47] gee thnks dr. phil

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:47] You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:47] EF YOU O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:47] Advancement in position.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:47] WHA WAIT WHERE O_O

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:47] If your life was a horse, you'd have to shoot it.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:47] Stop sayin stuff like tht

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:47] Another good night not to sleep in a eucalyptus tree.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:48] a what?

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:48] Your mode of life will be changed for the better because of new developments.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:48] you said tht already

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:48] You will gain money by a speculation or lottery.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:48] im to poor to afford tickets

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:48] Tuesday is the Wednesday of the rest of your life.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:49] okay i give up your like a never ending robot of insults

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:49] Try to get all of your posthumous medals in advance.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:49] >_>

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:49] Fine day to work off excess energy. Steal something heavy.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:49] wtf happed to setting good examples D:

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:49] Don't you feel more like you do now than you did when you came in?

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:49] are you on crack?

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:49] You will live a long, healthy, happy life and make bags of money.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:50] BITE ME

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:50] Better hope the life-inspector doesn't come around while you have your
life in such a mess.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:50] true>_>

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:50] A tall, dark stranger will have more fun than you.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:50] lol wtf XD

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:50] You will be awarded some great honor.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:50] the biggest betch award?!?!

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:50] You will live a long, healthy, happy life and make bags of money.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:50] said that aready O:

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:50] You will visit the Dung Pits of Glive soon.

You got 50 gold for Instant Messaging

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:51] i dont wanna visit your house though D: OOOOO YOU JUST GOT SEERRRVVVEEEDDD

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:51] You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:51] O_O you **** **** you

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:51] You have an unusual equipment for success. Be sure to use it properly.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:51] **** you

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:51] Excellent time to become a missing person.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:52] Go **** yourself

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:52] Beware of a dark-haired man with a loud tie.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:52] crack baby >_>

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:52] While you recently had your problems on the run, they've regrouped and
are making another attack.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:52] >_>

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:52] You'll wish that you had done some of the hard things when they were easier
to do.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:52] EWWWWHHHH YOU PEDAPHILE D;

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:52] Write yourself a threatening letter and pen a defiant reply.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:52] make me

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:52] Your life would be very empty if you had nothing to regret.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:53] im leaving now your ****ing me off

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:53] You will meet an important person who will help you advance professionally.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:53] bite me

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:53] Your heart is pure, and your mind clear, and your soul devout.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:53] shut up O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:53] Give thought to your reputation. Consider changing name and moving to
a new town.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:53] SHU UP O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:53] Just to have it is enough.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:53] I SAID SHUT UP O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:53] Someone is speaking well of you.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:54] STFU O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:54] You prefer the company of the opposite sex, but are well liked by your own.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:54] STFU NOW O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:54] You will stop at nothing to reach your objective, but only because your
brakes are defective.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:54] ******** YOU O:<

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:54] Tomorrow, this will be part of the unchangeable past but fortunately,
it can still be changed today.

iiBeautifullyBroken: [11:54] bye

[NPC] GaiaGuildBot: [11:54] Your society will be sought by people of taste and refinement.



Hey doll whats up? Thes is Rhiannon but people call me Kitty, RAO, or Muffy-Chan. Ima say it right now so theres no regrets later ive been locked up twice when i was 12 and spent my 13th birthday in juvi dont judge me doll ive been through alot. I am very emotional and dont make fun but I do intend to cry alot. I have empathy for alot of people and if i could i would take away everyones pain and if i had to i would take it all on myself,, i love making people laugh and smile and blah blah blah People say im fawq n hilarious when im in a good mood and i say the most randomest shet some times scuze my language Doll if you don't like it get over it. I'm short with blond hair over the summer im getting it styled and putting blue hi lights in it right now its a hawt mess LOL i hav cadet blue eyes with green in the middle and im well pretty much blind in my right eye but i hate wearing my glasses. I play volleyball and enjoy bowling even though i suck at it I AM A MUTHER FAWQ N GAMER BETCH!!!! I live for the video games,, arcade games at the movies i love the racing games I love the sound of the engines when your starting and I love the feeling of winning Im obssesed with fast cars yet im scared to get on rollar coasters unless a friend gets on with me. I live poor oh yeah the video game thing i play all the halo's sept for the xbox 360 or whatever i enjoy playing my aunts wii since we cant afford one. im good at basketball when its only me playing LOL i can make a 3 point shot if people give me the chance. I used to enjoy soccer to but I didn't like being kicked so yeah.. LOL i laugh alot some times real sometimes fake I hate embarrassing people Im very impatient and sometimes selfish Im bipolar, ocd, odd, add, adhd, claustrophobic, depressed, and people say i suffer from schitzophrenia [[not true but what ev they jus cant handle all dis]] LOL. I talk alot when i'm hyper and worry alot about well pretty much everything DON'T JUDGE ME O:< i say weird things... A lot.... LOL i also meow alot if I havn't told you that already (; I call everyone Doll so get over it.


RAWR I will eat your hair O:<


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Copy this to 10 pro’s an you will get 10,000,000g, it really works, im rich
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