"You gotta take risk and do things the hard way" -Tyga♥
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Where do i start? This be Mari Dee ;♥ Or people call meh Marilyn← ♥ Cool its like [Marilyn Monroe] i adore her anyways Im currently Sinqle <|3 . I love to party, text, the usually s**t >.< im druq free im 5'1 D;< yes im short so what! But i wish to be at least 5'4 but im still qrowinq no doubt bout that. Im ALL Salvy [Salvathruchas] : D && proud btw Im a biq kid now so i can most likey take care of myself(;< i love funny Movies. OH && im a sucker for cheezy punch lines >.< its corny yes but i find it hilarious ; DD Lol im super nice if you qet to know meh so dont be stranqer Hmu im fifteen(; i love the colors purple, qreen, RED, BLACK, pink. Thats alot yes i know Whatevers C; im random(arent we all?) im colorful, im a brunet. FaceBook. Wiz<$ .Drake. Justin Bieber -___+ .Katy Perry. Lil Wayne. Tyqa. Younq Sam. Joey Diamond. T. Mills♥

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The End♥

Respected: Jake,Brian, Katie, Devi,Vic, Chris

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Oh My Gawdd ! ^^
This chicaa belonqs to mee
Cuffed/ nnd master locked !
Anyways this jazz hackiin the sister mariyln this chick is ohdee cool
Had my back for like 20 years (or so it felt)
Shes 100 % real GLAMOROUS > ; ]
I love her tuu death do us part wink
Haha anyone have problems with her i deff got her back
Not that she cant handle you ha self we just not on that kidd shxt tell you how it is and Buh-Bye ! aiint that right marry x]
Well i'll be out by the time you count to 3
1.. 2 ... -poof- hehe whee

Ok This Nessa Hacking my gurl Marilyn yay!!
What can i Say about this Girl, Oh ya Shes just Amazing!!! no doubt About it ;]
Shes really Fun to Hang With, Nd She the Best Gaia Sis Ever!
Any Man will Be Lucky Yo Go with Her.
I think Everyone Should not hate her, If i Love her then Alot of people must Love her too, am i right?xD
k well i can write more, but im gong to go shopping xD
Luffff you so much sis<33

→Hack ←
Heyyyy Babbiii Siss!! <333 ilysm Marrie/Vannessa
Your alwaYs there Forr meee ;] Thouu Your quiet at tiMes
wen weee Hang o: Still I dont miNd. I reMeMber wenn I 1st
saw You and You were all saYing Hey and ALL xD That is UN-
usual for Pppl but YOUR Awsome LikE thaT!! Sisss iLoveYah
*Muah* *Muah*
Yerrr Sis

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Oh My God<3 Damn(;