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All about moi :D

Amateur model.

See what I did there? Haha, anyways. I'm an amazing person to be around. I love making people laugh and smile. I don't try to be funny, I am one of those people you will laugh at you when you fall and trip unless your crying. I am a spelling nazi, I absolutely hate not spelling things right. So I'm sorry if I take it out on you! I love things that are pink! I'm one of those stereotypical girls. I like pink, shopping. Just your average girl.
One of the things I take pride on: Being an SM trainee. Its really hard to get in, but I swallowed my nerves and auditioned!
I currently live in: Korea. To study being a Kpop star. ^__^ Its tiring, but its worth it!

But anyways, i am a fun person to be around, so don't be a stranger. Hmu.

Hey everyone!
This is Julia!
Alicia is an amazing person and she makes me laugh every single time!
Shes so sexy c: Anyways ILY <33

I'm not particulary pretty, but I just love modeling, its really fun. I do have an agent, I'm no major though!