If you think you are all that or if your normal. . .GET OF MY PAGE YOU DUMMY!

Hayy. I'm Ally.I am not your average kind of girl :] My bday is March 31st.

Some stuff about me~
Reading and writing poetry is my thing. . . xP
I love any types of music d:
I play some sports: Softball,soccer,volleyball,gymnastics,and basketball.
Don't mess with me or I kill yoo d:<

Lesson to learn:
I can be nice or evil.Maybe mean :]
Deal with it.Hehe.
I can be a handful at some points,but you will get used to it.

I'm currently single }:....Idk why though,I'm really attractive xD
I have lots of friends so i guess im okayy. :]

I don't like to be questioned. . .I know im weird. Heehee.

One more thing. . .Be yourself.

That's all....So leave! d;

~ Ally ~