myy boo hackieee

AAYYOO Wud it is mane its dat n***a Tj hackin up dat bad bish Aka mah boo AKA Bri hahaha mane wud it is dow ders alotta s**t dat i can talk about mane s**t lemme start off like dis mane dis gurl has to be one of da oldest friend i got on gaia (more den friends ) s**t mane i couldnt help it she jus to sexy n s**t ya feel me? s**t i found her in a rally not to long ago when we had been separated for a long a** time but we reunited n i aint letter her get away from me dis time ya digg? haha but s**t dis has to be one of da freakiest gurls in da world fo real she stay sayin some kinky s**t n she love it when i do so you kno how i be doin hahaha but anyway she crazy as ******** n fun to talk to even thow she thinks she can take music farther back den i can dat AINT TRUE DOW HAHA she can try ;3 she will fail cuse all i gotta do is say a few things n she gonna stop thinkin about music n start thinkin bout me cuse i get her head like dat hahahaha xD But s**t yo i knew her since like 07 O.O!!!! I KNO WE OLD AS ******** ON HERE HAHAHA i was 14 she was 13 i think o.oi ish to lazy to think n count D: but yea she got me hooked i got her more hooked dow xD sorry i keep talkin about dat but ******** it gotta make da point for all dem broke a** lil sorry niggas trynna get at dis gurl right here cuse she about dem high class niggas not dem lil sorry broke niggas lol she need a 10 star n***a cuse she a 20 star chick (i give her a double rateing HAHA) But s**t what else should i say about you bri? O yea I LOVE YOU ;D hahaha n i met her again by lookin at her profile AINT DAT A TRIP? jus comein outta no where xDD aye ******** it she happy i looked in her pro im happy to ;D s**t yo imma add alil more later cuse right now im thinkin about her ALOT hahah gettin hard to concentrate ya feel me? xD its on yo

PART2 OF D HUBBYZ HACK......................
but yea even thow she a lil blooded chick i i love her to def ya feel me? hahaha xD s**t i guess it jus fit da s**t cuse you kno if i get in da bed wit her imma beat dat p***y up bad HAHAHA Blood v.s. Crip n da blood gonna be screamin stop xDD s**t yo but when we was youngins back in 07 me n her was so ******** close n im sorry about trippin like dat bri i aint mean to hurt you back den n i wont hurt you nomo i promise ya feel me? you to inlove wit me fo me to hurt you n s**t gurl *hugs* but s**t dis gurl right here needs to come to cleveland cuse she wanna diss us like "CLEVELAND LAME" Gurl you ******** up for sayin that cuse you know what? NYCvvvvvv HAHAHAHAHA YEA I SAID IT xDDD But s**t mane one thing cleveland dont got dat NY do is da baddest thick chick around her name bri bri n s**t ya feel me? hahaha dats da only reason dat s**t better den cleveland other den dat ******** IT xD DAT s**t SUPER DEAD HAHA mane but dis chick been threw alot since i been gone so she said n imma stop her cryin n s**t fo real imma make sure she happy even if i gotta act ignorant to a few people cuse im her soldier ya digg? xDDyea gurl you already kno haha :3 but yea bri bri you kno i love you alot gurl n i wont let ya hurt nomo ya digg? jus kno imma be der for you when eva you want me haha its on bri bri