Hallo. As you are on my page stalking me I see. Guess you are snooping around to see more about me. Well, I have been on gaia since 08'.
I am a gamer, with many consoles in my house and many games laying about my room.
I am on my schools colour guard ( Flag core ).
I am an artist hoping to become a tattoo artist one day.
I write and do poetry.
I design and make cosplays. *Still very new to it*
I enjoy role playing, drawing, writing, and making new OC's*Original characters for whom do not know*
I do some types of art. * Mainly traditional*
I am getting into digital art soon.

Favorite Quote:
"If you look closely, the eye picks up more than you think. A simple blur becomes something, A light becomes a shape, The world becomes colorful."

Anywaysss~ Wanna get a hold of me?
Steam: Phyra Joker